Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Fornasetti obsession continues

used faces found on internet and created a color theme

Monday, June 22, 2015

your story/your voice

Lord, I humbly thank you for protection and strength and forgiveness and blessings. You are beyond awesome. I confess I don’t always trust you as I should I try to often to go it alone. You are beyond patient. I quietly pleas for peace and health and joy for all people. Heal our hearts, bodies and world. You are beyond miraculous and generous. In your loving and living son’s name, Amen

For this quiet peaceful moment praise God
For this simple unhindered day praise God
For this humble undeserving servant praise God
For thy bounteous life praise God

 I desperately want again to be the Christian I once thought I was. I’ve become complacent and weary, taking in all of life as a bother when I know deep down it’s all so precious and finite. I need to enjoy my remaining time and find blessings work and love till the end. It’s foolish to waste a moment on worry, fear and dread and oh, how I’ve wasted time in it. Every day I should be grateful for whatever has come my way, grow from the disappointment and relish the possibilities. Today is the first day of the rest of my life.
All my writing may is drivel from a rapidly worn out woman of 59 but it is what allows me to let go for a moment and be who I might have been or still could be.

A comforting bit of peace amongst the sounds of life, both God made and man made. I revel in the beauty of it and thank God for its preciousness.

Always asking God for more, please help this reverie endure.