Friday, March 27, 2015


one palette Kraft brown, black and white

woman-sometimes a mystery to herself

so many roles: wife, mother, daughter, caregiver.....
when: all day every day, 24/7
where: everywhere
how: exhausted

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

covers speak

no matter how hard we try we do judge books by covers.
we judge people too quickly.
we pretend not to but we do.
please see the person inside.
notice the person's situation.
consider walking in the other person's shoes.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

she's no angel

seeking a perfect world that does not exist

no one gets me

My life changed on May 31, 2009. My dad had a stroke. I saw just how much financial trouble my parents were in. I saw how bad my Mom's dementia was. I saw how unprepared I was for all this. As an only child I was sole caregiver. Then Dad died in 2013. Mom tried to stay home alone but it just didn't work. after 6 months she went into assisted living for 6 months. Medicaid never came through so she lived with me and my husband for 6 months. She is back in assisted living (special care unit for dementia) for nearly 3 months. I am still not dealing with it all too well. I'm completely exhausted and no one knows. I need all the home time I can get and no one gets it. I need peace and quiet and low activity but no one understands. I need space but no one give it to me. I just want to survive but no one cares. I need sleep but get little and no one believes it. I need to be allowed to set my own pace, schedule and one gets me.

easily wounded

but God can heal every wound,
heal every scar,
and repair every broken spirit