Friday, October 20, 2017


My mom passed today. I was not with her but her sisters were. it was an easy passing. She is now with dad and all the others missed for so long.

Vember Christine Allred Quinn
October 11, 1929 - October 20, 2017
Rest in peace dear mother

Friday, October 13, 2017

a Mother's light dims

My mother is dying. (We are from the first breath but by this I mean soon.) Mom is now receiving Hospice care at Carillon Assisted Living and Garden Place memory care. I pray this is good especially with me going to Kiawah for a week. I also pray that she doesn’t pass while I’m gone. I’m glad we have this opportunity. This will be good for me going into this last journey with mom. I may get the pre-respite I need for the long haul. Hospice comes in when the person seems to be within 6 months of death. I know this is inevitable. I’ve known it for some time. As I read the Hospice booklet of grief and the end, I now know that some of the things I’ve noticed were not imaginary. When she stares into space she may be seeing a glimpse of heaven, loved ones already there or the proverbial “white light.” I also know that some of her pained looks are the pains of the body shutting down. Her tears are sadness over uncertainty and leaving this world. The smiles are glimpses of the joys still found in this life and the beauty of heaven above.


Some may wonder why I did not cancel my trip. Well, only God knows when her last day will be. I do need to find some peace that can carry over to the end. I have also had so much pain and trouble and fear and anger over the past eight years caring for Dad and Mom. God knows what was, what is coming, and what will be. I trust that God. His grace is a gift I have received many times over. His mercy is fresh every day. His love is constant.


Mom has had a long life. She has had many wonderful blessings: a loving family (mother and father), two sisters and three brothers, a loving husband for nearly sixty years who preceded her in death, a daughter who cared for her well-being and happiness, and a grandson who adored her and numerous friends who wanted to be close. She worked hard in textiles to care for her family and put her daughter through college. Music was her other great love. She played by ear most of her life but took lessons in later years. She worked in her garden, rooting roses even. She received her high school diploma the same year she retired, a life-long goal.

A faithful believer, she prayed and recited the 23rd Psalm daily. She taught Sunday school and sang in choirs. She attended women’s ministries. She supported her family with Christian teaching and advice. She was a listener, encourager, and adviser to many. When the light that is a mother dims, the daughter’s dims as well.


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

My beautiful Mother!

She is 88 today. She has Alzheimers. She is still very sweet and always happy to see me which is great comfort to me. She is on the Alz hall at Carillon (a wonderful memory care facility).

Thursday, October 05, 2017