Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 91 The POWER of ONE

Haw many more powerful ONES can you add to the list? Please share.....

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day 90 Finding Inner Sanctum

mind escape is found

sculpting words and images

into an inner sanctum

a life of fear and pain

becomes one of remembering

the blessings that out balance

the search for peace and contentment

is realized within the heart

ready when needed

simply go within

pull out the hidden gold

and rest in its power

Day 90 Finding Inner Sanctum

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fatih, Hope and Love gets you through!

God listens to all we say.
He answers in His perfect way.
He surely tires of our repetitive please
And grocery list prayer tease.
We should just talk as with a dear friend
And allow spaces and quiet times to spend.
He knows without a doubt what we need.
He sends it with perfect speed.
So rest assured the plan is right.
Trust and be patient with all your might.

Day 89 Flying High and Praising God!

Amazing how a down day can quickly turn upward! Dad is coming home Sept 4. Still in recover. Prayers still needed but home. Mom is so happy. I am so happy. Pray for his safety, continued improvement and peace in his body, mind and soul.
Speak Lord, your servant heareth.
Bless me Lord, you servant pleads.
Help me Lord, your servant cries.
Guide me Lord, your servant begs.
Show me Lord, your servant exclaims.
Balance me Lord, your servant falters.
(this was written before the news of Dad's homecoming)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 88 Recovery for whom?

Recovery continues, not only for Dad but Mom and me as well. She admits to still crying every night. Everyday annoyances and daily details are still a challenge. Keeping it all together is wearing us both down. Recovery for stroke patients can take up to 2 years. I think for the family as well. A stroke not only attacks the victim's brain but the victim's and family's body, heart, mind, soul and spirit. Without scripture, prayers, and journaling....well, not only would I not be writing this but I would also not be here. Space is needed. Time is necessary. Hope is eternal.


coming unglued

no where to hide

except in Thee oh Lord


breaking apart

lost and confused

except with Thee oh Lord


emotionally paralyzed

blind and mute

except to Thee oh Lord


completely empty

failing helplessly

no net to catch me

except You oh Lord

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 87 Dreaming

of days where things don't break,

the mail gets where it's suppose to go

and all's right in my little dream world!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 86 Expect G O O D!

Give God your best:
He'll take care of the rest.
Trust Him every day.
He'll bless you in every way.
Hope in His compassion and love
And He'll send you angels from above.
Pray for His will;
And your mind He will still.
Praise His mighty power;
And on you His mercy will shower.
Know Him as your best friend;
He will be with you till the end.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Final Lessons-Visioning

Here are my final journal pages for the True North Arts Visioning Journal Workshop!
Here's a link to the workshop if you care to try it!
These last two images are all about acrylic paint, collage materials (found and created), words and the passion to find balance in my life. My word focus and attitude for 2009.
I admit to being addicted to art and creating. It's the one place I feel free, peaceful, and truly M E ! My passion is ART and it affords me balance in every aspect of my life. I realized recently, after depending on my journaling to get me through Dad's stroke recovery, art and words are my desired drug of choice. Without them I'd be completely insane!

Day 85 No Escape Route

Escape routes are non-existent

when dealing with a serious issues.

Faith and hope make

endurance possible.

Trust and prayer gives

new focus for days.

Hours seem to be longer

when tired and worn.

Sharing the burden lightens

the load but lessens it only a bit.

Make the most of any and all

rest, help and support.

Keep it real.

Be honest.

If solitude is needed, take it!

If tears help, release them!

If laughter is possible, do it!

If screams work, let it out!

But continue to lean on God the whole way!

Dad continues to make slow steady progress!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 84 Lessons still Learned

Three tired souls

struggle for lasting peace.

A moment of sanity

is activated.

Three tired souls

hope for a homegoing.

A life of blessings

is appreciated.

Three tired souls

seek patience to endure.

A trying time will

certainly strengthen faith.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 83 - God is everything!

God is our

hope in tribulation

promise in distress

strength in persecution

sustance in hunger

protector in battle

answer to questions

Savior in need

companion in loneliness

compase when lost

joy when sad

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 82 conversations with God

I prayed, "Lord, are you there?

He answered patiently, "I always am."

I prayed, "God, do I have the strength for another day?"

He replied "With my power you do."

I prayed, "Father, why am I so weak?"

He said, "You try to do everything without me."

I replied slowly, "I know. I must surrender all control to you."
He answered, "That's right."

I said, "I will try harder."

He said, "That's all I need to hear. Go in peace, daughter."

Digital image of Dad from about 40 years ago.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Thoughts on Home

Today's Upper Room and Luke's story of the Prodigal Son discusses homecomings--of which Dad is so close to having. The writer refers to the "homesickness" and "longing" for home and God. Mom and I have certainly experienced this as well, maybe not to the degree or extent which Dad has in the past eighty one days but we sure know about longing for and missing home and routine.
Unfamiliar places
Lengthy absences
Holes in the family unit
Alone and lost feelings

The realization is that home is where God is and when you feel closest to your beloved family.
Home is a state of mind.
Home is where you find your heart.
Home is where you bare your soul.
Home is the place where God sits in your spirit.
Home is when you find peace and contentment in living.

Day 81 Dad's style

Dad's style is a lesson for us all!

Patience is a virtue and choice.

Easy going is easy living.

Avoiding worry which is useless energy is the key.

These simple three steps may not keep you from

stroke, heart attack or other disease but

you will deal with it more gracefully.

Keeping your head is just as important for healing

as any medical miracle.

Image is collage and acrylic on canvas board

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 80 Peace is returning to a weary family

Even though Dad still has much strength and vitality to regain and he must continue to regain thinking processes, he is amazingly becoming the man we have always known and loved. He acts like himself. He speaks in his rhythms. He reasons in his logic. He has remained the calm in the storm--the peaceful one. Mom and I may have grown weary and weak and on the verge of losing it but he somehow continues to be our calming force; which, of course, is God working through him to help us all maintain our sanity and faith through this ordeal.

Joy is found among the sorrows.

Happiness appears between the troubles.

Hope is around every turning corner.

Peace is evident in the eye of the storm.

And the storm is calming now, barely visible.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


My dad called me tonight on his cell phone from the healthcare center. It was such a normal and neat conversation! It brought tears to my eyes and made me laugh out loud too. HE IS DOING GREAT! HE WILL BE OKAY! Such blessings to count and count again. So many prayers of gratitfude to lift. How can I ever express it properly? How will God ever truly be able to show God how much I appreciate what he's done for Dad and Mom and me?

This image is of a Mother book I've been working on. The picture is not so great but the book turned out really cute!

Day 79 never forsaken

Never forsaken

God is forever by our side

Through sorrows and joys

No matter the heights or depths,

God is there.

No matter the circumstances,

God is there.

No matter your attitude,

God is there.

In times of doubt or belief,

God is there.

Asking or accepting,

God is there.

In noise or silence,

God is there.

Listen for His still small voice.

Look for His creative flair.

Feel His healing touch.

Know His presence in all things.
Share His abundant love.

Express gratitude for His blessings

He bestows on you daily.

Never forsake Him!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 78 Importance of Words

God confirmed the joy and purpose of words as I read my morning devotions on my deck. We juse them to affirm and discover life and its meaning. Job 19:23-29 "Oh, that my words could be recorded....written on a scroll...inscribed with an iron tool on lead...engraved in rock..." And Marsha C in THE UPPER ROOM ( "value of changing...reflection...strengthens faith...writing is a wonderful gift we give ourselves."

God gave us words for expression, release and understanding. Sharing them is an even greater gift. If you don't blog or journal do it now. Someone, maybe a stranger or hopefully friend or relative will one day read your words and find comfort and strength for themselves.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 77 Every day is a M I R A C L E!

every breath

every heartbeat

every word

every step

every smile

every bite

every hope

every improvement

every question

every answer


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Obvious choices

Beginning the day on the edge of giving up or fighting another day,
I find a miraculous thing.
God is in me and He never gives up as long as we share the same breath.
He continues to light the way as long as we are on the same path.
He strengthens my stance as long as we stand together.
He gives me the ability to hear the same melodies if I listen with my heart.
He showers me with more love than ever imagined if I accept it.
He allows me the power of choice; so why would I not choose the obvious?

Day 76 visible and invisible strength

Psalm 19:14. May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord....

But are they?

"Rock of Ages

Cleft for me

Let me hide myself in thee."

Old hymn but message is the same.

the indwelling presence of God

from which no one cna no thing can separate.

I will stay on His path, following closely,

hoping in the dark he still guides me....

thoug life is still

littered with a storm long gone

I know the calm presence of God

and His angels.

Still seeking strength and grace

I allow God to decide.

When doubful I know He has not

left me alone.

All fears and worries melt despite

their nagging presence.

God is still God and all is all right in His kingdom.

Staying within the righteious fold I will survive.

Another day's battles will be fought and won

AND life will proceed!

Saturday was a good for Dad.

Strength was visibly improved.

Photo images are from Jonas Ridge, NC.
This butterfly is just like the one which
came and lit on my veil during my wedding 29 years ago.
A total gift from God for my marriage. Butterflies
signify new life. Life is new every day and should
be respected and appreciated.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 75 Fatique tries to defeat but....

Despite a weary mind

and fatigued body,

I find strength in progress.

Despite a fainting spirit

and nearly lost soul,

I find hope in recovery.

Despite long days

and even longer nights,

I find joy in living.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 74 Permission

Give yourself time

to unwind

to pray

to be

Give yourself permission

to laugh

to love

to live

Give yourself space

to explore

to experience

to enjoy

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 73 Life as we know it!

Life as we know it often changes at the drop of a hat. A person who is totally independent experiences a brain attack (stoke) and becomes totally dependent. Weeks of health care, therapy and rest can change them again. Independence returns. Health deepens. The spirit of a person is hard to kill! Don't ever give up on them! Allow them time and give them space, opportunity and assistance in every way possible and things can certainly improve. Dad has much more to regain and strength is not all back but he is doing an astounding job at being who he was before the stroke. Today, after first hearing he was having a less than successful day, Mom and I practiced getting him in and out of the car and told him we'd take him for ice cream after therapy and what a change. He was much more alert and ready for anything. Depression is part of stroke. Expect it! How could one not be depressed after being away from home for 73 days, in and out of hospitals, rehabs and health care? Trying to regain strength, trying to walk, talk, eat, learn many things over again that were learned decades ago, can be daunting to the most patient and strong person you know. I guess I say all this to tell anyone dealing with a stroke victim to just keep on keeping on! Give your special someone all the help and opportunities for recovery that you can! You will be amazed!

Wishing for the life that was

Hoping for the life that can be

Leaving the darkness

Walking into the light

Knowing peace again

This pic is actually of my husband walking up the hill near the B&B where we stayed recently. It really seems to illustrate my point here.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lesson 3- Vision Journaling Workshop-Positive Intentions

I was able to visualize my 4 main positive intentions are:

  • Health

  • Contentment

  • Simplicity

  • Peace.

I think with those 4 things in place I can focus on many other positive aspects in life. If reasonably healthy, content with life, simple in needs and peaceful in any situation Ican surely find living my life a joy and accomplish my goals, physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, relationally, and in my chosen careers.

techinique: I painted random drybrush acrylic in pink and turquoise on one page and transferred to the opposite page by placing wet page on dry page and simply brayering to transfer paint. Of course the transferred page has less and that's okay. I made four watercolor cards with my 4 main intentions. Used key stickers, brads, and ink to embellish each card. Then I placed words and phrases from found sources around the images. I kind of got the phrase ideas from lesson 4 so don't know what I'll do there yet but I liked the idea. The phrases and journaling around them further support my four positive intentions.

Day 72...Time apart is good!

Just took a couple days to get away and celebrate 29th wedding anniversary. Two days does not completely restore energy of mind, body and spirit but it does give a new perspective and different routine which is sometimes all that is needed.

Thanks to God for taking care of Mom and Dad while I took time away.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 70 LIfe goes on....

All bets are off.

Truth rings clear.

God is our only

sensible path.

Faith demands full

attention. Belief

is a requirement

to finding peace

and joy. Without

it you lose, no

matter how good

a hand your dealt.

This is life.


Broken down and beaten

but still breathing

I face the day

prayed up,

scripture ready,

protected by God's shield.


Everyday readies us for

what life brings.

With each task, on each

victory, we become

strengthened for

the next battle.

The only rule...


Sunday, August 09, 2009

Day 69 Life is ever changing

Life's journey is forever changing.

Days of endless joys come to all

but often become nights of heartaches and pain.

Trusting a loving God and

following a saving Lord brings

sunshine to the hardest of days

and comfort to the longest of nights.

So pray often,

give thanks for all the good in your life,

help those with needs out of your abundance, and

spread God's precious message of mercy to all.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Day 68 random thoughts....

and sleep will not come AGAIN!
Why is sleep so evasive?
Can you be too tired to sleep?
My body begs for rest.
My mind screams for silence.
My soul pleads for hope.
My spirit hurts for expression.
My heart searches for meaning.
Psalm 19:14
"May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to your sight
O Lord."
(but are they?)
"Rock of ages, cleft for me,
Let me hide myself in thee."
(my quest)
the indwelling presence of God
from which no one and no thing
can separate me
I will stay on His path
following closely, hoping
in the dark He guides me still
though life is still littered
with debris from a storm long gone
I know the calm presence
of God and His angels
when and how much?
even when doubtful
I know He has not left me alone
all fears and worries melt
despite their nagging presence
God is still God and
all is right in His kingdom
staying within the righteous fold
I will survive
another day's battle will be fought and won
life will proceed
images are from DAD shape book

Friday, August 07, 2009

Day 67 Wholeness

stand in His light

feel His might

trust in your heart

He will never depart

know His love

sent from above

believe in your soul

you will be whole

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Day 66 Every Day!

Every day is a challenge but
every day brings successes.
Every day is milestone.
Every day is a chance to start over.
Every day is a new beginning.
Every day marks a passage of time and
every day brings new meaning to the word

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

DAY 65

PEG (feeding tube) will be removed as outpatient on Friday. Should be routine.

He is still my amazing father, handing out marbles to those who take outstanding
care of him!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Core Valuess Journaling prompt - A work in Faith

Vision Journaling - Core Values Lesson

Funny how things come together. I have so many core values but it all boils down to faith. Faith in God and my upbringing. My parents set a pattern early in my life and I still look to them as my source of example in all things. They taught me from the cradle to love, serve and honor God. I try to do that. They are examples of so many wonderful values I hope to truly possess and exhibit. In working on this prompt I found it hard to narrow down to a few. I found it hard to honor all who influence my beliefs and hopes but it always came back to my parents. They started me on the road to my set of core values I believe today. I think in looking at this if you follow your heart, God's guidance and the example of two fine people, well, you just can't go wrong. I may never reach the full extent of their fineness but following their examples set early will certainly take me farther than I would ever go on my own.

The image here evolved from trying to do all the people who influenced me and the individual values to just focusing on my parents and the total there. These pages are acrylic background with computer altered images and text. Simple looking but it sure made me work to get to the finished piece. AND who's to say when something is finished? I'm still a work in progress as well. We should always be a work in progress!

Day 64 Strength

Once the body weakens, it takes much time to regain strength but it is possible. It takes patience, effort, attitude and God's love. Dad has it all and more. He is doing great. Mom and I are the ones without the patience, effort and attitude but thank goodness we are not out of God's love. Anything can be achieved with patience, effort, attitude and God's love. Remember that!
Here are Dad, Mom and one of our favorite therapists, Tracie, at Oak Grove Healthcare.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Day 63 Expectations

It was the best of days.

It was the worst of days.

My head was thirsty for creativity.

My heart was hungry for hope.

My life was weary of details.

My body was restless for peace.

It was the simplest of days.

It was the busiest of days.

My spirit cried for answers.

My soul longed for solace.

My mind ached for quiet.

My life hoped for joy.

It was the shortest of days.

It was the longest of days.

My days sought God's strength.

My nights sought God's serenity.

My prayers sought conclusions.

It was typical days.

It was expectant days.
Even with all he's been through and all he has left to do, I expect a full or nearly full recovery.
My Dad is Super! He tries hard. He doesn't fight it. He doesn't give in. He says there's no need to be that way cause it doesn't change anything. He's amazing!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Day 62 - seeing the light of day again

Never fear
God is near.
Never cry
"Why God Why?"
Trust the source
Life's true North.
Find simple faith
Follow the way straight.
Peace will be your prize.
Keep it with the highs.
Go the way of the cross
And you'll never be at a loss.