Tuesday, January 31, 2017

you have the power

to redesign your life every single day

Monday, January 30, 2017

sing out loud

what a delight to find a piece of unused Somerset Studios free artist paper from a decade ago.
mad my heart sing!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

art and life - layers of choice

life is full of layers
some are beautiful and nice
others are not so nice and must be endured
you have a choice to make many of the layers yourself

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Stand firm and TOGETHER

Together, we as a Nation must stand together and fight our way back to being strong and united. please forget race, gender or social status. Give our new government a chance. Honor, obey and trust God to work through our new leaders and make America safe, prosperous, and kind.

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Listen. Speak for GOD

Be God’s voice
In a community with no peace
In a place with no answers
In a job with no standards
In a school with no faith
In a university with no Christian foundation
In a family with no Christian teaching
In a life with no hope
In a friendship with no principles
In an organization with no code of conduct
In a marriage with no morals
In a world with no truth
It’s time for Christians to step up, speak and be the voice of God’s truth, his word, his teaching and his purpose.
I want to be that person or part of that group of persons. It is time to be strong, faithful and speak for God in a world that no longer knows he is real. It is time as believers we speak up and loudly. We don’t know how many voices it will take and we don’t know who will be that one voice heard, that one voice that makes sense.
In a world where war and terrorism threaten every day and crime is on the rise, God is the only hope we have. People are listening to a confused world lacking Christian beliefs. Too many people do not know God’s commandments and if they do, they may not realize their relevance in today’s world, now more than ever. Children are raised in homes without Christian values. People don’t believe God made them who they are for a reason. They think God made a mistake in their gender. I’m here to tell you; God does not make mistakes.
People think God’s word is not relevant today but nothing has changed. God’s word and teaching is still applicable to each of us today just as much as the thousands of years ago. I think it is more applicable now than ever. God’s word was a guide for people then and it should be now. He gave people human emotions and needs. He gave them a gift of choice. When they choose, they need a standard for making the choice. The Bible teaches us that standard. It’s really quite simple. Think about it. if we all simply followed his ten commandments, much of the world’s woes would diminish. That is doubtful unfortunately. The human species will never all agree nor follow the laws of God. Much of believing in God takes faith, trust and yes, choice but people are too varied and will never all agree. I do, however, challenge you who are reading this right now. If you don’t believe in God and his way, then give it a try for a week. See if you don’t find new peace and hope in this world of tumult and doubt.

Thursday, January 05, 2017

find the sun on cloudy days

storm clouds gather
the light is there
troubles come
God is there

Tuesday, January 03, 2017