Wednesday, September 26, 2012

acomplishments as I ramble

a day of accomplishments

Feels so good…..walked, prayed, heard, saw, wandered in mind, heart and spirit.

As I walked I prayed

As I looked I saw (2 deer)

As I listened I heard (a hawk’s cry)

As I breathed I was refreshed

As I opened my senses I felt God’s presence

All three devotions today have reminded me to be: hospitable to all, aware of good everywhere every day, comforted by each new day.

Yesterday was hard and I balked at it in my spirit. It’s time I realize my “present” life, appreciated the significance of it and value its many components (opportunity to repay parents, ability to assist, time to still love and share my life with and resources them.)

Lord, in your mercy, I don’t ever deserve to hope you hear my prayers, let alone answer them. I sincerely ask you to forgive my anger and bad attitude. I deeply praise and thank you for my many blessings and answered pleas. I humbly ask you to grant my parents healing, understanding, and cooperation. I’ve learned lessons though ignored many of them so please give me the chance to keep learning and growing spiritually to be a better person. I love you Lord, Amen

The train rumbles and blows its whistle.

I wish I could “hobo” it like my grandmother did.

Planes climb in the sky and I wish I had the courage to get one and go somewhere I only dream of.

The trees rustle in the autumn air and I feel the same chill yet it makes me hug my warmth deep in my soul.

Summer’s flowers fade but I still see their beauty and respect the life left in them.

Ants crawl ambitiously looking for food…. I crawl agonizingly looking for meaning.

It’s there.

In the sky I see hope.

In the still green leaves I see life.

In the sunrise I see the light of God.

In the morning songs of birds I hear joy and opportunity.

In the day I feel possibilities.

In the neighbor’s dog’s frantic pacing I see determination and perseverance.

In the garbage truck’s roar I hear “life goes on.”

In the noises of nature I hear “don’t give up, be patient.”

What a blessing these early mornings on my deck are. I find peace I’d forgotten existed. I find hope I’d thought lost forever. I find joy to live another day.

Why do I sometimes let the tasks of the day rush me? I have so few days like this one to take moment by precious moment. I need to pause for as long as I can and smell the proverbial roses. I need to set the navigational standards to follow this meandering path of the day and enjoy each breath, each nano second of it.

Even the tiny sparrow, whom God’s eye is on, took a long refreshing pause on the tip top branch of the sugar maple and was not deterred by the branch’s sway in the breeze.

I still feel a struggle in my spirit.

I long for long peaceful stretches of days and months and years.

I still yearn for a calm to reside in my days and nights.

I crave to know God’s “peace that passes all understanding.”

That sparrow must feel like king of the universe up there so high and loved.

I prayed for it to fly down and light on my shoulder like the little bird and Tuesdays with Morrie and answer my question, “when is the day?”

He left. He did not light on my shoulder. I guess I got my answer.

Sunlight filters through the trees now. The shadows appear longer this fall than last. My heart has a new lightness. My soul comes alive. My spirit bubbles up. Lord, in your mercy, let it last.
Afternoon has come. I finished house cleaning, laundry, did some computer work, made banana bread, wasn’t even upset by the dishwasher repairman’s $70 house call to tell me it needed replacing and now I sit here typing all this into my journal, realizing the next tasks of the day. I pray sincerely to have this calm repose for a while longer. I realize life is not a perfect thing without troubles, not for believers either. If God didn’t allow our choices to involve problems we may never go to Him. If we didn’t have to learn to survive the storms of life, we may never learn determination and perseverance. If every day was perfect we may never appreciate them like we should. (but I’d like to try…)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

strength is there

God’s strength is mine if only I ask.

God’s hope is mine if only I ask.

God’s joy is mine if only I ask.

God’s peace is mine if only I ask.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Good things will come with effort!

Wisdom does not come without work.

Hope does not come without belief.

Joy does not come without choice.

Love does not come without giving.

Peace does not come without seeking.

Mercy does not come without asking.

Grace does not come without God.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

wishful dreams

I want to stand on my mountain and see God.

I want to walk on my island and feel God.

I want to sit on my sundeck at dawn and know God.

I want to rest by my creek at Fernwood and believe God.

I want to have a warm cup of coffee and taste God.

I want to listen to a beautiful piece of music and hear God.

I want to smell my sweet Moonflowers and get a whiff of God.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

she is an artist

She is an artist
through and through.
Watercolor flows
in her veins.
Her heart is a palette
of colorful emotions.
Her brain is a mélange
of creative thoughts and
confused ideas.
Her flesh is moldable clay.
Her hair is a salt and
pepper natural brush.
Her eyes are viewfinders
of beauty and design.
Her hands sculpt ideas onto
the pages of journals, sketchbooks,
and substrates available.
Her feet walk a path of
creative originality.
Her imagination extends
through every inch
of her body. Her life unfolds
on life canvas of inspiration
and resourcefulness.
She is an artist
through and through.

truth trumps doubt




God can heal the broken parts of my life.




God can fill the cracks in my soul.




God can repair and replace the broken parts of my spirit.




God can renew the love in my heart.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

she tries to make it and life keeps slapping her down

The long shadows of autumn crawl across my floor.

The long night of worries creep across my soul.

The warm sun sinks into a cool western sky.

The chilly fears fade into my warm nervous heart.

The lively green leaves of summer drip from the trees in red and gold.

The drying tears of a broken woman fall onto the pages of her journal of truth.

(words on journal page)

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Life is what we make it.

Life is what we think.

Life is what we know.

Life is choice.

Life is hope.

Life is release.

Life is what we do with it.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Labor Day thoughts

Catch them when you can,

life’s little respites or

fall prey to life’s little troubles.

Take breaks. That’s the real

lesson of Labor Day.

Celebrate the working force if you must

but allow yourself a breather.

Spare the labor and spoil the psyche

into thinking life isn’t so hard.

An easy breath is not such a difficult task.

A time apart is not such a bad thing.

Too many hours are a transgression

against your physical health.

Too many days without a vacation is an offense

to your mental condition.

Too many projects and

you just may lose yourself totally.

So work if you must but hold it to 5/8 if at all possible.

Do not exceed a max of 40.

Find your comfort and peace and soul.