Friday, March 30, 2007

Corset Tip-in Swap FINIS!

What a pleasure it was to do the Corset Swap Tip In swap with such fine artists and people. Here are photos of my finished project. I just did an accordion hinge binding for the individual tip ins, making a simple cover of an old catalog page of corsets with the participants names.

I then constructed a simple 3D corset to house the book. A pocket was placed in the back for a couple of extra pieces that didn't fit my final binding process. I rather like it. The corset is just heavy art paper, stenciled with a doily placemat, eyelets and gold cord.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

ATC Program

I've been asked to do a program on ATC's for the Southern Arts Society.

Telling, showing and making. I decided to put together a board of examples of different techniques. I completed it early this morning. Since the flu I haven't been able to sleep. I give out quickly but found I could manage this while resting on the bed.

I think it turned out pretty good. I will take handouts of the history, websites to check out, supply and resources ideas and hopefully my enthusiasm for ATC's.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Still recouping from flu

but ready to make art....working on Easter cards, ATC's, SS submissions and other goodies!

It's spring! I want to get my house spruced up and then spend time in my studion...non stop but Easter, my Dad's birthday and trip to beach are first....anything is possible.

All things are possible through Christ who gives me strength!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Metal ATC

Sorry this one failed to load....argh! slow dial up!

New ATC's

My first metal one, made of wire mesh, cross, word tile, all is attached with copper wire and copper metal tape.
Triptych is an homage to Monet, acrylic background with Prismacolor and gold pen details.
Diptych is an altar card for Madonna, acrylic background with Madonna clipart and gold and ink detailing.
Last cards are made on watercolor paper with fun foam shapes, glazed in metallic watercolors and stamped.


My "Her" series is featured in today's Daily Muse. Go here to see it.

You may get a free pass to try it out.

Also, here are other links to my works:

or or

go to Flicker and search for Chris Tessnear or Creative Inspirations

Image is from Christine altered book.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Frustration but success!

The post page loaded this time. Some days it doesn't allow me to enter text or images! Is anyone else having that problem? Is it because of my slow dial up? Is it just the web goonies playing tricks?

Well, here I am at last able to log on and post and I'm at a loss of what I have thought of sharing all the times I couldn't get on. I am actually sick today with a horrible cold and sore throat and sleep deprivation. I took the morning slow and worked on some ATC's, journaling and even some chores (laundry and cleaning.)

I am sharing a page from the altered book I am doing on myself, using Steven King's book, Christine. Appropriate for my name of course. I started off good and then hit a wall and am now back to some decent pages. Do you ever do that? Start with a good idea, work hard and then suddenly, BLAH! Then get back on track and make good pages again.

I am also going to post some new ATC's. My local group meets next week and I will be sharing with a local art group the next week.

Classes are going well. (teaching 3 kid's classes at the local non-profit school of arts) Yesterday was a challenge, working on art for the booth for an upcoming fund raiser and then continuing the projects with kids in my class along with another teacher's class; it was messy and chaotic to state it simply.

Only two more weeks till we take an early vacation to my favorite spot, Kiawah Island, SC. Check it out on the internet and you will see a little part of heave right here on earth and it's only about 4 1/2 hours from here and 30 minutes from Charleston, a wonderful city of art and history.

This trip always relaxes me, inspires me and reenergizes me.

Well, enought rambling... time to finish up my list of chores to do today, sick or not.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

New ATC's and Altered Book

Having been making ATC's for well over a year but I am enjoying them with a passion like never before. Maybe due to a local swap group starting up. I have made hundreds in the last few months. I am obsessed with using tape transfers on them.

I also am working on a new altered book about me, using a discarded Stephen King novel, Christine. Loads of fun.

I also completed an addition to my "Her" series. I had wanted to do one of my husband's Aunt Christine (yes, another one, but she is called Teen).

I found this image of her as a young woman stooping on the ground, beautiful hair, and her mouth open as if speaking. I am calling this one, Her Days are Filled with Memories." Widowed in her early 60's she has surely survived with her memories of her wonderful marriage and enjoyed her daughter and grand children. I'll post a photo of it when I get one made but for now, here are my new ATC's and a page from the Christine altered book.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Living proof

I am living proof that if you follow your heart's desire, happiness follows....

  • I dreamed of a romantic man to marry...Terry came my way 27 years ago...

  • I dreamed of being a mother...Matthew was born 22 years ago

  • I dreamed of being a teacher...after many changes and staying home for years to raise my son, I am teaching ...

  • I wanted to be an artist since childhood...51 years and I am an artists and an art teacher....

Follow your heart. Love God. Be grateful! Life isn't as good as we thought...IT'S BETTER!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Hooray for late notices!

I was thrilled to recieve that little card in yesterday's mail, that said I do have work in the new Somerset Studios magazine, March April, 2007.

The women in lit issue and here again is my entry.

Keep on Keeping On

Disappointed that my piece for the current Somerset Studios was rejected. I thought it was great. (The Virginia Woolf Pocket Book Reader. Check blog archives for the image.)

Nevertheless, I have another piece to submit for the vintage halloween issue: Who Needs A Broom? A canvas collage utilizing transparent images on an acrylic painted canvas with copper tape details.