Tuesday, September 30, 2008

inspired by other artists

I am easily inspired by the

words of other writers,

the notes of musicians,

the brushstrokes of other artists.

We are the sum of our influences.

image is acrylic paint, collage and transparency transfer on canvas

Monday, September 29, 2008

inspired by nature

Walking through the woods also inspires me. I find a closeness to God that is quite amazing. I can hear Him speak straight into my heart with messages so clear I must share through image and word as here.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Inspired by today's sermon

Our minister has wonderful sermons and today's was exceptional. I often jot down notes to remember and ponder at later times. I often get my writings from God while walking or sitting by the creek. Today I suddenly heard these words from God during the sermon. I quickly jotted them on my bulletin and knew I would connect them to a little watercolor of a sycamore leaf I did Saturday at our retirement property, Fernwood. I hope it will speak to your heart and give you the warm peace it gave me. I suggest you trully allow time to listen for God's voice. It is truly amazing!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Free ATC backs

Thought it would be fun to give away some red, white and blue backs for the election year!

I've been doing an altered book on the first ladies so I decided to do atc's with their images as well thus these backs evolved.

Be creative. Share with any and all and let me know what you come up with. Have fun!

Choices and changes

Well, you can see I'm making some changes on the blog. New heading and colors. Just thought it was time. Still trying to figure some of it out...one being now to respond to comments. So I've been doing it through the post itself. Most recent was which group hosted the inchie swap. I belong to a great group online called Artella. You can see their site and all it's possibilities for your artistic growth here: www.artellawordsandart.com (just copy and paste into browser) You'll find a very unique world of art, artists, free images, free audio and much much more.

Also, there are many great art groups on Yahoo. Just go there and search and you'll find so many choices. I've actually dropped out due to just too many to keep up with. Find one that really suits your needs whether it be for swapping or art or ideas or just learning from others.

Hope this info helps my commenter.

I will be giving freebies again soon so stay in touch by visiting often.

Image is recent kokopelli ATC's.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Small thoughts

Through tiresome tasks

In God's love I will bask.

In good times and bad

With God's mercy I will not be sad.

With each passing day

God will be my constant way.

Following His path will not fail me.

Persistent I will be.

Image is of inchies I did for a recent swap.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Seasonal thoughts

Autumn brings


Time to review


Winter brings


Time to rest


Spring brings


Time to strengthen


Summer brings


Time to grow


Images are from the differing seasons at Fernwood.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

art books for sell

All books are in good shape with little wear, some underlining, many hardbacks with dustcovers in good shape. Price includes postage and must be sent in advance as a money order made out to Chris Tessnear.

Make Your Watercolors Look Professional, Carole Katchen, Northlight, 1995, hardback, $15

Cross Stitch Myth and Magic, David and Charles Publishers, 2002, softcover, $12.50

Flowers in Watercolor, Judith Milne, Batsford Publisher, 1992, soft, $12.50

How to Get Started Selling Your Art, Carole Katchen, Nortlight, 1996, softcover, $10

First Steps in Calligraphy, Dan Marsh, Northlight, 1996, softcover, 12.50

Preserving Your Family Photographs, Betterway Books, 2001, hardback, $20

Watercolor Fits-It Book, Tony Van Hasselt and Judi Wagner, Northlight, 1992, softcover, $12.50

Painting Watercolors from Photographs, George Shook and Gary Witt, Watson Guptill, 1983, softcover, $12.50

Starting with Watercolor, Rowland Hilder, Northlight, 1993, $12.50

Basic Oil Painting, Greg Albert and Rachel Wolf, Northlight, 1993, softcover, $10

Painting Detail in Watercolor, Michael Warr, David and Charles, 1991, softcover, $10

(Living Room Shelf)

Drawing from the Mind Painting from the Heart, Annette Ccarroll Compton, Watson Guptill, 2002, softcover, $12.50

A Trail through Leaves-The Journal as a Path to Place, Hannah Hinchman, Northlight, 1997, hardcover, $17

How to Cut Drawings on Scratch Board, Merrit Carter, Watson Guptill, 1960, hardcover, $ 8.50

Life's Challenge-Are you up for it?

Life's a challenge at best;

Beating some; teaching the rest.

Knowing your strengths to grow

And using your instincts to go with the flow.

Great faith is a must,

Persistence and patience to adjust.

Follow your heart's desire;

Avoid the muck and the mire.

You'll succeed in the end;

But first you must begin.


Live it!

Image is of a watercolor just finished for entry into juried show for Gaston Co. Art Guild. It is called "Peace in the Valley." Thought I'd share it in my workspace. I enjoy glimpses of artists' studios. Thought you may enjoy this view as well.

Friday, September 19, 2008

life's puzzle solved

The beauty of the rising sun
Brings me closer to the Father's Son.
The scampering of autumn deer
Reminds me of my Savior dear.
With each day of life's puzzle piece
I am filled with God's holy peace.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

tears from heaven

Tears from heaven
Fall on a world in need
Tears from heaven
Dear God we plead
Tears from heaven
Fall on dry hurting ground
Tears from heaven
Fall on pain all around
Tears from heaven
Fall on the just and unjust
Tears from heaven
Fall freely a must
Tears from heaven
Fall on a world in need
Tears from heaven
Dear God we plead

inspired by a rainy morning

Monday, September 15, 2008


Finding peace is not easy.

It comes in the midst of struggle.

A still quiet feeling in the chaos.

Finding joy is not easy.

It comes in simple moments.

A calm happy feeling of contentment.

Finding answers is not easy.

They come when we are open to know them.

A voice inside tells us and we accept.

Finding mercy is not easy.

It comes when we forsake all that we have

A sacrifice to God who is all that we need.

Finding true self is not easy.

It comes when we actually surrender

A stronghold on who we think we are for

Release of who we actually can be.

watercolor fall tree

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Obsession with image

I easily become obsessed with a particular image or icon. My mom at nearly 79 is so beautiful. I took a really neat photo of her in July and continue to use it in art. Here is my latest paintover. Got the idea from Lynn Perella's beautiful work.

Printed image in black and white with inkjet. Sprayed with Krylon Preserve it! Painted watery acrylics over. Then highlighted some parts with Elmer's paint pens and stamping with acrylic.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I was reading about an artist today and it brought a special memory to mind of my maternal grandmother, Fannie Allred. My family thinks I got my art bent from her. She was always doing little drawings with color pencils or crayons (and sadly we don't have any of them-actually I have one tucked away somewhere and it may surface one day but that's a whole nuther story). She also kept one drawer in her kitchen that I was allowed to play in. It was the "junk" drawer. We all have them (some of us more than others) but it was a great place to find little trinkets that were lost souls just waiting for an artistic little hand to grasp and imagine the possibilities of. Most things couldn't even be named as they were unrecognizable to most and especially a small kid. I could spend hours in that little world of make believe and sometimes wish I was still there. Somedays in my art room are like that. I find so much I want to do, create, dream, explore and play that the hours just aren't enough. Maybe you should remember a really great time in your childhood and explore its possibilities for today. It could just be a clue as to who you are now or who you'd like to be when you grow up with the rest of us little kids.

This image of my Grandma is one of my favorites. I call it DREAMER. It was digitally colored by the way.

Friday, September 12, 2008


The rain came down

in sheets

Restoring life

Filling spirit

Renewing soul.

I just wanted to

stand in it ~

Know my baptism again

Feel the Master's touch

It was beautiful


Remarkable ~

God's amazing work!

Collage with scraps and prismacolor

Thursday, September 11, 2008

9-11 ~ God is there

This is written response to today's Upper Room devotional and as a tribute to all 9-11 victims, survivors and families.

With the rain on my face;
I know God is there.
With the sun in my eyes;
I know God is there
With the cool breeze on my shoulders;
I know God is there.

In the face of a child;
I know God is there.
In the limp of the elderly;
I know God is there.
In times of despair;
I know God is there.

Along the path of life;
I know God is there.
Along the broken road;
I know God is there.
Along the edge of fear;
I know God is there.

With every breath I take;
I know God is there.
With every minute with family and friends;
I know God is there.
With every moment of peace;
I know God is there.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

God knows best!

Rainbows and trees

God made to please

Restless humans

Birds and bees.

Grief and pain

God sent to the same

To keep us humble

In sunshine and rain.

Peace and love

God sent from above

For hopeful romantics

Both man and dove.

Image is working set for Mayberry Dinner Theater at church. One is building exterior. Director wasn't sure if it would be hotel or library. Hopefully it works for either. Remember Floyd's Barber shop? Originally theater was to have been last month but lead actor had to bow out so it's on hold until next February. Boy this is meeting a deadline early.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


There once was a lady from near

Who fretted and worried from fear.

She pleaded and prayed to her loving God

Who listened again and then said with a nod,

"Trust in me; have faith full and free.

Go to bed and sleep. Leave the worries to me."

She did as He said

and went straight to bed.

Asleep in a wink

She had found God, her missing link.

No more tossing nor turning for the lady of fear;

No fret, not even a tear.

She learned a good lesson;

God's protection was her blessin'.

Image is watercolor sketch of my mom. Based on the previous digital image.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Fernwood Fragments

Walking through the natural beauty of my Fernwood (our retirement property) I feel a refreshment I seldom find elsewhere. Finally the spell is broken; the noise is silenced; words spring forth; and a well-spring of thought is unleashed.

Three white dogs and a polar bear, the stuff dreams are made of. Sunshine on a cloudy day. Disparity. Soft rocks. Impossible? Having all the peace and joy you want. Everything you need. In the midst of turmoil. Having everything you need, perfection within imperfection. Pipe dreams or reality. Possibilities. Unlimited resources. Taking the world by the horns and never letting go. Holding on and riding to the very end. It is possible. A road doesn't end. It just stops at a new beginning.

Broken spirits
A willful Heart
Half a mind to runaway.
No courage.
Peace and joy everyday.
Constructed by life.
Answers found in God.
Questions remain
Looking for joy.
Seeking hope.
Life goes on.

Someday I may know and understand why I wasted so much time. It will be too late. For I will be near death with no chances left. Little time to do anything about it even now. My advice to you is to live each day for happiness, peace, and joy; ignore the suffering and pain, for it will exist no matter what you do. Love. Let God in. Trust His goodness. Believe in His righteousness. He will hold your hand, gently nudge, and guide you no matter what befalls you. One day at time.

On winged flight my life does soar. With squinted eye I stare squarely at the sun. Nothing will stop me. Nothing will keep me from finding joy in this day. I will not allow for anything less nor hurt for anything more. I will simply live and breathe. The old saying "two steps forward and three back" is wrong. We are our own destiny. We make our own way. We find and follow our own path. For the last few weeks I've found very little to say when I open my journal or click on my digital diary. Today there are words for healing, guiding, directing, answering questioning, knowing, forgiving, and living. There is a way. There is significance. There is HOPE. I will trust it. I will be thankful for it. I will not let it be taken from me.

When it's quiet I can see what's in my head, feel what's in my heart, when there are no human voices I truly know which way to go. I am too easily distracted, too easily confused when others wander in. I have to find this with in the crowd. I must know that I can always go to that place no matter where I am, what I am doing. For when I do I find that solitary moment,it truly sends me into the reality where I never want to leave.

There's a blister on the side of my heal that causes me discomfort with every step I take but it's nothing like the blister on my heart when I see a suffering child, a caged spirit, a broken heart, an unhappy soul. There is healing for all and it comes from God who is within, no matter what anyone says to you, no matter what anyone does to you, no matter what befalls you. If you only trust God, peace will come, with death if not before. Perhaps that's all we seek anyway. We pass through a hurting world to know that God is in the end. Don't feel trapped. God is the key that unlocks the door and lets your suffering child escape, allows your caged spirit to soar and releases your unhappy soul into a world of freedom to be happy and content.

Descending from the light into the darkness, sometimes makes us realize the better view, the one we hide and conceal. So often we try to avoid what we see. We try to ignore it. We try to keep it in the dark. We conceal it with from the world and the light. We must let it into the light and we must deal with it in the light. God is in the light. He will hold us and comfort us and show us the way into the light of peace, love, and forgiveness. He will give us answers. He will suffer for us. He will put us on the right path of life. Suffering is a part of life. I've heard that there is no weeping in heaven. Do they not see us from heaven? Do they not weep for us, with us? The mystery will not be solved until we get there. Once we are there we will have true peace. We will cease our crying, whining, begging, suffering and exist in true harmony. At least, that is what I believe and hope for.

Restless and uneasy. That is what the last few weeks have been. The end of a season is difficult for me. I usually look forward to the new season but there is also uneasiness for the change. We get too comfortable until the change is thrust upon us. Change is inevitable, common, part of life. Change is necessary for growth.

The creek flows gently over the rocks. It doesn't feel the rough places; it just knows the coolness of the rocks as it passes by. Flowers and ferns hug the banks. Some stand and enjoy the view of peace. Some dip in for a cool drink. Some shed their petals and prepare for the next life. Am I shedding anything today? Letting go of worry, fear, self imposed trouble, questions, distrust, anger, hurt?

Even the mushrooms grow heartily in their own dung heap, their life force. Could they be so happy if they knew they were living in dung? I think not. Why can't we be oblivious to the dung around us? Ignore the things in life that send us into unnecessary worry and fear? Am I letting go of things hindering my growth?

The light on the path is God. If we don't follow His path, we are in darkness. If we are in darkness we can't see the good and beauty. If we can't see the good and beauty we are in a hurtful suffering state. If we are in a hurtful suffering state, we lose hope. If we lose hope, we cease to live. If we cease to live, what is the point of life?

This day has given me a perfect opportunity to clear the cobwebs in my heart and soul. My spirit is free and I know I can survive the rest of life and whatever is thrown my way. I spend much time in these woods and I find many answers here but just as many questions. Maybe I will eventually give in to fate. I will just let go and let God and not think. Live each day as if it were perfect, made just for me. Always thanking and trusting and ceasing to question and fear. Live for Christ with every ounce of my being. Not holding back a single breath but jumping into the light that is the path for me. Running breathlessly into each day with endless hope and knowing that God is there waiting to give me all the goodness that He made just for me.

Image from First Ladies altered book.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

A message from the sun

As the sun woke and peeked through its cloudy blinds

It seared the message into my heart in a way to remind:

Don't give up.

Trust God.

Remain faithful.

Bless others.

Embrace joy!

Love peace.

Give earnestly.

Know the grace of silence.

Find the path to tolerance.

Go the way of the cross.

Saturday, September 06, 2008


the quiet in my spirit

is disrupted by

people who don't realize

the need for silence

the peace in my soul

is interrupted by

the world who doesn't understand

the need for solitude

the joy in my heart

is stalled by

a community who doesn't know

the need for happiness

the prayer in my mind

is halted by

a society who doesn't believe

the need for God

image is digital art of my Mom, isn't she beautiful?

Friday, September 05, 2008

What an interesting time we are living in!

An historic election year with a black man running for president and a female for VP (differing tickets of course.) Freedom and opportunity are two great distinctions about our country. I have been praying for our president for 8 years and praying for our new leader for the past year. I must believe that God will send us a president who can help us back on solid economic feet and secure living in this wonderful country. God is in contrul and we will be okay. Times may still be tough for a term or so but we will be okay. It is my hope that you are praying for our country and its leaders as well.

morning walk

God talk

thinking and praying

no delaying

listening, believing

trusting, relieving

God at the wheel

calm I feel

every day

all the way

God is my hope

in all things I can cope

Image is cross made of scraps from other crosses.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

scattered thoughts

weekend ~ Fernwood retreat, church, friends and family

labor day ~ family and food

today ~ chores and plans for new class scheule

tomorrow ~ more time for art and writing

Hope your thoughts are solid and inspired, ready to create wonderful images and memories to enjoy for all eternity.

Be blessed and a blessing to someone this day!

Image is prismacolor on acrylic background.