Friday, January 30, 2009

Heart Art

Follow your heart.

Know its depth.

Understand the power

it holds to know love.

Let it guide you

to a fulfilling life.

Protect it but

share its bounty

with those most important to you.

Images of collages inspired by health mail about clogged arteries.

First one is digital alteration of original; second one, the original is acrylic paint, Prismacolor art stix and collage.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Simplicity is a key to balance

Image is view from Fernwood, where Duke Energy cleared the land. I'm beginning to see beauty in it again.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Faith is strengthened

when struggles are endured.

Courage grows

through fearful times.

Peace is most obvious

in the midst of storms.

Joy is found

when the tears are released.

Hope is restored

by answered prayers.

Image is from art journal-ink.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

lessons learned

The hope of happiness

is contentment.

The love of relationship

is listening.

The search for peace

is solitude.

The reality of prosperity

is gratitude.

The enjoyment of change

is balance.

The gift of grace

is salvation.

The strength of endurance

is faith.

The wisdom of love

is belief.

The joy of life

is discovery.

Journal page, my shadow in ink lines, inspired by Angela Cartwright's mutual love of shadow art.

Monday, January 26, 2009

My 5 Award Winning Bloggers!

Just realized I am to choose 5 to award.
Here are my picks:

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It's hard to only do these 5. I love so many blogs. I can't get around to them all fast enough.
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Thanks again to Faye at

WOW! An Award!

Received the kindest and most humbling words and award from fellow blogger, Faye, over at The Beautiful Blog Award! I am honored and Faye, thank you! It means a lot. I love reading other people's blog just about more than anything. I see so many I admire and this is thrilling. Thanks!

Altered quotes/ altering self

I love quotes and here are two altered for my focus on balance this year...

That which does not kill us teaches us BALANCE.

An individual is as BALANCED as she pretends to be.

Art journal collage with digitally altered image, watercolor over text from book, and prismacolor art stix.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Work in Progress - Secrets

This is a work in progress. Acrylic painted canvas, with leather belt and strip. The strip of leather is now cut in half. I've made a clay latch also in progress (see pic 2) that will now attach to the ends of the leather to hold the rolled secrets and rolled sheets of text. Didn't plan to keep blue belt. My question is this. Should I stiffen the rolled sheets or leave them soft and natural? And if I do then how? Glue or acrylic medium or other stuff. Other ideas?

Letter from God

Friday, January 23, 2009

Perfect Winter Day

A swing and a prayer

on a January day

is indeed a blessing rare.

With a pleasant breeze

and the sun on my face

I'm as happy as you please.

A productive yet quiet span

this day is near perfect:

more I could stan'.

But for now I'll say thanks

feeling mellow indeed
and on that I can bank.

What a joy to know serenity and drama free days. What answered prayer can do for the soul is amazing. If only others could feel this peace and know this quieting of the mind. Many believe that we manifest in our lives what we think and expect. Maybe that's why I struggle to protect and perfect these quiet moments; banking them seems to grow more.

Images are of charms I've made for a swap with the Christian Artists Yahoo group. Paper, gems, beads, wire and polyglaze.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Frozen Words

despite the wintry air

my frozen words

come from a warm heart.

feeling God's love and protection

always pervade any low point.

I will forever thank and

praise Him for pulling me

through the lows and

lifting me on the highs

No one needs be alone or

saddened for God

never leaves nor forsakes

His peace is stronger

than anything the

world can throw at you

all you need do is ask

day or night

here or there

He's only a prayer away

more pages from the 1st ladies AB-

folds, doors and laced

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Because of God

Never alone
Because of God's presence.
Always loved
Because of God's care.

Never forgotten
Because of God's mercy.
Always forgiven
Because of God's grace.

Never hurt
Because of God's love.
Always protected
Because of God's spirit.

Never lost
Because of God's guidance.
Always found
Because of God's existence.

Started a new altered book, a mini blank journal this time. Using techniques learned from the ICE Altered Book Yahoo group. The cover and folded page technique is featured here. You see the theme of the book is Master Keys Life. The first one, and most important: BELIEVE IN GOD. Yes, I am a Christian and believe He is THE God, not a god. He can take us through anything.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inspired by American Democracy

touch hearts

heal lands

grow peace

increase love

bless believers

join forces

thank God

follow Jesus

stand together

wear unity

embrace work

find hope

hate injustice

love fairness

trust Spirit

know mercy

forgive wrong

do right

pray earnestly

go forward

look up

think strength

use tact

be dignified

have integrity

deliver honesty

live faithfully

dream always

hope forever

sing victory

Just Words?

Images from 1st Ladies AB:
doors with brads, folded hatch, pockets, latched doors and envelopes

journey through words

the perfect phrase

a timely word

describing emotion

written in the heart

expressed with the soul
spoken honestly

whispered by the wind

heard with the spirit

Monday, January 19, 2009

When God is there...

More pages from 1st Ladies AB
in order of image:
sliding doors and folders,
unusual folds,
more doors and folds.

My work is joyous
When God is there.
My life is peaceful
When God is there.
My family is strong
When God is there.
My mind is serene
When God is there.
My body is healthy
When God is there.
My spirit is relaxed
When God is there.

Life just makes better sense when God is there.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gathered thoughts on a Sunday Walk

First, more pages from my 1st Ladies AB above: with various folds and doors and you can see the thickness of the book at the bottom. This is as far as it closes. Working to add Michelle Obama's pages now and it will be "FINIS".
Read bunches of death notices about Wyeth online and kept finding the same quote which I so identify with as do most artists/writers I am sure. He talked of how much he loved his walks in nature alone and how much it fueled his work. He said "people have lost the art of being alone". Anyone who knows me or follows my blog understands this is exactly how I feel. Time alone brings me closer to my art, my writing, my "self" and God.
Here are some thoughts gathered in this morning's walk.
a pale payne's gray
winter day
bare trees stand
together in strength
the solitude among them
is perfect peace
the quiet is soulful
with a calmness
found no where else
trusting this serene landscape
is better healing
than found in any medical procedure
taken in daily
yields a long life of
joy and tranquility

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Andrew Wyeth will be missed

My all time favorite artist died yesterday, Andrew Wyeth.
Painter of "Christina's World" and many other favorite watercolors and tempera paintings. I loved his use of muted color, simple yet dynamic composition and local people and scenes. He was truly great and it saddens me that I never met him. I did see a couple exhibits of his work and they are truly wonderful. I have a couple videos and several books about his work and life. I also have a poster of "Christina's World" hanging in my painting room. I first saw it in the encyclopedia when I was a kid and it truly spoke to me. It was years later before I learned who Christina was and why she was crawling across that field. If you aren't familiar with the story or painting you must look it up and read it for yourself. I have posted the image here.

Inaugural Exhibit

With the inauguration of our 44th president this week, I thought I'd share some pages from my First Ladies altered book I did over the last several months. Still got to add our newest and a few other goodies. It has images, pockets, fold outs, paint, stamping, bios, quotes, and more. It's been great fun and a wonderful learning experience. As I researched and tried and failed and tried again to find lots of different ways to make pockets, doors, and holders for the info. I used the book I loved as a young girl: Portraits in Courage (about Jackie Bouvier Kennedy- a favorite 1st lady).
The pages posted today are the cover and a standard folded/laced pocket (especially for my AB sisters over at ICE AB at Yahoo).

Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Feelings

A chilly breeze kisses my cheek
my spirit awakens.
The warm sun embraces my shoulders
my heart is warmed.
A Carolina blue sky greets my eyes
my soul is assured.
God's own voice speaks to my ears
my body is healed.
His praise is on my lips
my core is strengthened.

Image is another secrets journal page. It's all paper, paint, stamped letters, and computer lettering

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

My work is joyous
When God is there.
My life is peaceful
When God is there.
My family is strong
When God is there.
My mind is serene
When God is there.
My body is healthy
When God is there.
My spirit is relaxed
When God is there.

Image is from one of my art journals.

I had fun putting al the textural designs in this piece.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Given by God

With time and patience God speaks.

With a quiet heart and mind you will hear.

Take that time for yourself and it will lead to balance of soul and body.

These words were given as I walked in that solitude this cold morning in NC.

With the warming sun on my face
I am transported to a sacred space,
Where ancient knowledge in my heart
Teaches me God will never depart.

With the healing sun on my back
I know I will fear no lack;
God meets my every need
In return His commandments to always heed.

With the waxing moon on my face
I once again find the holy place;
Where God is waiting for me above
If only I continue Him to love.

With the waning moon at my back
I search and find no slack
Of God's eternal blessing
And His only sacred less'n.

With morning comes new hope
And no reason to mope,
For God will never leave me
Since I hold the key.

With night's advance
I take no chance
And utter my plea
To the Holy Three.

Image is from my art journal, a sketch in ink and prismacolor art stix.

Balancing Ideas

Balance is found when you realize that it is possible.
If you just remember that you are in control of your own thoughts,
You can control your own thoughts. Decide that you will be happy.
Know that your circumstances can be altered. Believe in the power of
positive thinking. Trust your own instinct and it will never fail you.
Do your best to realize your true calling and you will be more
content in your own skin than you ever thought possible. Do not let anyone else make you believe anything differently. Just be willing to compromise when it's absolutely necessary and flexible when you can. Give your best and God will take care of the rest.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lord in Your mercy

Give me hands to do your


Give me feet to carry your


Give he eyes to see your


Give me ears to hear you


Give me mouth to tell your


Give me time to do your

a quick little painting in acrylic inspired by a photo I took at Fernwood recently of a group of Doves resting in a tree....thus "Resting Place"

Monday, January 12, 2009

How to stay balanced

is sometimes the simplest idea...take a snow day, even if it doesn't snow.....remember those carefree days of childhood when school was canceled and suddenly you had the whole day for yourself. Well, do it! It's a grand gesture for making yourself feel pampered, calm, peaceful and yes, balanced.

snow day

free choice

stay in bed




see where it takes you

trust your instinct

believe in your self


go within

find answers

know truth




repeat as often as possible and needed

Image is a digital image from a simple tree drawing.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

More Secrets Exposed

Here are the three images for the Secrets Altered book for the ICE Altered Books yahoo group. Third one is not added to the book as waiting to see if it's okay to do three spreads. Two was the original agreement for this group but nearing the end I think it may be possible. My son shared the quote in number 3 abouth rivers that inspired the piece but the river is actually the broad river near Cliffside, NC not the Neuse River. Just decided I liked the look of this pic better than my Neuse River pics.



haven from troubled world


older assemblage I really identify with

quote inside reads

"Adopt the pace of nature;

Her secret is patience"

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Just worked on a neat altered book for the Yahoo Altered book group I belong to. The theme was SECRETS. It was such fun I got into it and started doing some other journal pages in my own books. Here's a little simple one. Secrets are for keeping and mine are sandwiched between a section of one side of the page and an entire copy of the page on the reverse. Chances are the pages would tear if someone tried to get into it to see what the secrets are. I'll share more secret journal pages soon.

Maybe you will want to put some of your own secrets in a hidden place in your journal via a pocket that is sealed or a folded page or other unique hiding place. Enjoy saving your secrets.

balance with nature

When the moon

beams bright

My spirit fills

with its light

it's like music

in my soul

healing my heart

making me whole

When the sun

sends its heat

my heart skips

a beat

warming my body

with its life force

giving me hope

from a higher source

image is from a recent journal series

of self exploration

Friday, January 09, 2009


The tall mighty oak

silhouetted against

a wintry gray sky

looks cold and frail

just like me after

a restless night but

morning comes after

a night of sleepless rest....

restoring the possibility

of a new start....

creative ideas

keep me awake some nights--

after working on a collage

on and off for weeks

between holiday commitments

and other distractions

it finally fell into place

and here it is!

(A submission for Somerset Studios Sisterhood issue-my sisters are all chosen through friendship)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Balance is knowing when art will sell and when art is for the artist alone.

recent journal page

(pens, markers and prismacolor art stix)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Mini Valentine Banners

For a new swap at the In this House yahoo group! Fun and different for me. Acrylic paint on watercolor paper, with stamps and splatters and beaded embellishments. Fun faux fur trim.

an angel for you

an angel

to protect you

to guide you

to inspire you

to lift you

to help you

to walk with you

to give you courage

to give you hope

to give you peace

Monday, January 05, 2009


May 2009 bless you with

enough joy to share

enough strength to complete

enough love to bestow

enough peace to survive

enough grace to know

enough kindness to demonstrate

enough healing to feel

enough prosperity to give

enough beauty to see

enough creativity to show

and enough of all the wonderful things make you happy, unique and blessed!

Image is recent sketch of angel with Micron brush.