Monday, December 31, 2007

If I had 3 weeks to live

Watched the Queen Latifa movie LAST HOLIDAY with a friend.

Latifa had a disease and 3 weeks to live. She blows all her savings on

a trip with enough experiences and adventure for a life time.

Thus the obvious thought for me: WHAT WOULD I DO WITH ONLY 3 WEEKS TO LIVE?

Here is a beginning list:

  • more time with my family

  • more time with friends

  • more time in prayer and mediation

  • more time in nature

  • more time in my art room

  • more time listening and learning

  • complain less

  • grumble less

  • appreciate more

  • share more

  • laugh more

It doesn't have to be filled with jumping off dams in a winged suit, eating gourmet foods or meeting new people. It should be about being with and enjoying those in your life. Those kind of memories would last eternally.

I'd make each day count for something!

How about you?

The image is some of my watercolor greeting cards, now available at

Saturday, December 29, 2007

De Christmasing thoughts

After a rainy stay inside morning (although I did manage my morning walk) I began the deChristmasing of the house. I go for the main living areas first and then branch out. Trying to organize and clean as I go, moving some furniture to new places too, it becomes very tiring and seems endless but I will succeed. Will attempt finishing Monday. Doing all this makes one realize the many blessings for there are so many gifts to put away, old items to move out for new, and some things you just can't decide what to do with them.

I know that I have 52 years of stuff myself, 27 years of married stuff, my husband's 56 years of stuff and a 23 year old son's collection minus what he has at his apartment. One does not rid and organized all this stuff in a matter of moments. It takes time, effort, and thought. Like moving my old desk from my son's room back into the den where my soon to be retired husband (and I) can be a little more organized as we start the new year. That alone means a new path for each item that moves to accomodate a new place.

Little by little it will all happen or be put on hold for regular routine stuff. I can't help but think about how empty my house seemed when we moved in. We actually have two homes full of stuff. We still own the house my husband grew up in, along with stuff his parents and he collected part of those years. We would like to eventually build a new house. Maybe by then I can be rid of some stuff I no longer use and can part with. Admittedly a pack rat, I am thankful for all I have but I have to change my ways and give it up. I cannot bear the thought of something happening to me and my husband or son being left to deal with all the clothes, junk, art etc. I saw a neighbor recently cleaning out his mother's house. I saw boxes in the yard or probably treasures to her but junk to those left to sort.

Maybe this will give you something to think about yourself as the new year begins. May we all deChristmas our houses but not our lives. The Christmas spirit must remain with us each and every day throughout the year.

The image is one I took recently of a blue bird enjoying the pyracanthra berries on my deck.

Friday, December 28, 2007

New Year's Resolutions?

Just start each day with prayer!
Close each day with prayer!
Be verrrrry THANKFUL in between and open to God's leading hand!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas time

Christmas time is a joy to behold.

It's a season of remembering days of old.

Giving gifts around the tree

Laughing and talking and telling stories of the gospel of Thee.

Finding a reason for the season here.

Our purpose for living through the year.

Knowing and sharing a God's true love,

Given to us from His throne above.

He loves our celebrations of His Son's birth

For it adds much to our Christian worth.

The holidays soon pass the calendar

But we've no reason to forget and meander.

With God's love in our heart each day

We can show a hurting world a better way.

To live a life of meaning

And share its faith's gleaning,

Christmas joy is meant to share and not just keep;

There's much to celebrate and more to reap.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

one and all!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Perfect time of Year - A Personal Revelation

Slowly the list is being checked off for the Christmas tasks…I read an article yesterday, forget where or I'd link to it. The emphasis was on simplification of the holidays versus creating a perfect illusion fantasy (an obvious misnomer). Fantasy is make believe and the only way to reach perfection. The holidays must be about family, love, peace, sharing - humans are not perfect so we must not fake it. I must admit that I've always had a struggle with perfection. I've tried and found it impossible yet people like the Martha Stewarts of the world influence us otherwise. I have continued in strife and finally realized it is impossible and wrong to even attempt it. Ridiculous as it is many still waste a lot of effort, energy and money on the fantasy. The perfect life was lived by only one and that one is the real reason, meaning and belief behind Christma, Jesus Christ, whose birthday we celebrate at this time of year.

On a different theme and yet the same, I was watching Dr. Zhivago recently and realized the story is of a man in love with two women, certainly no a perfect situation but despite it's conflict of split love, Russian war and human struggle, happiness is found. We too can find the perfect happiness available to all during Advent by realizing the true meaning of Christmas. We don't have to wait until everything is in place and like we want it. We only have to be open to true happiness, bliss, or whatever word you choose.
That is the way to real perfection, a reality version.

Image is an ATC made with cut up bits of dried acrylic paint. Don't waste a thing!

Monday, December 17, 2007

What to do for Anyone who has Everything

It gets harder each year to find creative gifts for people like parents and grandparents who have so much and need so little. I had mentioned this before and told about the idea I got from another artist (don't remember who) to give a box of wishes. I posted the tags I made with 55 wishes for my parents 54th wedding anniversary. Well, here is the finished gift ready to wrap.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Variations on a theme

I love this clip art image of the Madonna. Forgotten where I got it.

If you know tell me and I'll post it.

I usually make my own Christmas cards but most people get the duplicate version.

A few get original designs. Here are those for a dear friend or two and my

dear parents, husband and son. The greeting inside will simply read REJOICE!

I hope you rejoice as well this holy season of Advent and Christmas and into the New Year and everyday of the years to come. Christ is the best gift of all. Spread His love and joy to all you meet along the journey.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas spirit

Sunrise, morning light

God reminds us, "all is alright"

He tells us to follow his lead

we'll make it to heaven indeed

seek His face

in the human race

share your gifts

other's spirits you'll life

ABC sampler, watercolor, color pencil and packing tape transfers

Monday, December 10, 2007

Gratitude Journals and other good ideas

We've all heard it!

  • keep a gratitude journal

  • give back

  • pay it forward

The list goes on and on but do we stick with it? We write resolutions and make New Year's promises. We try to start fresh but we keep going back to square one! Let's take a new challenge:

1. Spend one day a week immersed in only GOOD NEWS!

2. Give presents to others on your birthday.

3. Take personal days when YOU need them.

4. Visit the elderly and lonely. Make them smile.

5. Pray. Meditate. Commune with God daily as much as needed.

6. Spend time in the great outdoors daily.

7. Each day ask youself:Am I happy? Why or Why not? ONly YOU can choose to be happy.

8. Don't let troubles get you down. They are of the temporal world.

9. Find your purpose for living.

10. Never stop dreaming, believing and hoping.

Erase the negative and behold these ideas for peace and balance during the busy holidays and everyday!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Family Christmas

Christmas is a time for family.

Gather where you can as many as you can.

Mix with laughter and fun.

Share some homecooking.



Cherish forever.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

another free link to goodies

Thanks to Sarah Fishburn

and a little clip art from me from my vintage Christmas ornament selections.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

another generaous artist

hosted by Diane at

Thanks Diane!

The Season for Family

I love when I come up with a good idea for my parents, you know how hard it is to find creative and thoughtful gifts for parents. They will celebrate their 54th wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks and so I not only have to do Christmas gifts but anniversary as well. Christmas is the usual things except for one of the new digital picture frames which I'm really psyched about but for their anniversary, I got a great idea from another artist whom I forgot but if you are reading this and it is you please come forward and take a bow. It's a box of wishes. I purchased a photo box, the kind you can put photos in the top and inside will be the wishes. I'm hand cut 55 (1 for each year and the coming year) tags from different color card stocks, attached hearts punched from various art papers some handmade and printed 55 words from the computer and attached to each, then distressed it all with distressing ink pads to make it look vintage. I plan to have them laminated and then either tie together or attach with a binder ring.

Please look at the layout of the multiple colored tags. It was so fun and fairly quick and easy. choosing the 55 words was the hardest part. I will list them below and attach a photo of the tags.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Nothing is Impossible

The last of the autumn leaves
Glitter my yard
Each one unique and special
Reminding me of the fragility of life
They say
Life isn't as good as you think
It's better
That which does not kill us makes us stronger
Cliches come and clich├ęs go
But God promises to never leave us
Nor forsake us.
He is the alpha and omega
He is the beginning and end
He is all powerful and
If we don't find Him
It's because we moved
Nothing is impossible with Him
Glory be to God.

Image is cover of an altered book I am making as a gift for a GWTW fan.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas is in the air

Here is another link to a great site for free images:

Please continue to inform me of other favorite sites. Many just ask for a small donation or a link provided on your blog or website.

It seems to me that artists are some of the most generous folks in the world. I know so many fine ones who literally give their fine work away just to have it appreciated and enjoyed. I've been guilty myself.
I would gladly rather give a finished piece to someone that really gets it than to have it piling up in the corner somewhere. How do you feel about that? Are artists more charitable at Christmas or are artists just more charitable period? I think the latter is just about right.

Whatever your thoughts, I do hope you remember to share your abundance with others this Christmas and all through the year.

Image is a watercolor I used on my Christmas card several years ago.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Once again Christmas is a Charitable Time

Here are a few links to wonderfully generous folks giving of their talents for your Christmas cheer:

There are dozens more. Feel free to share your list in a comment and I will post them all here. Feel free to copy and use the attached images of some of my own original angel images. Thanks and blessings to all!