Friday, May 31, 2013

you are repsonsible for your own life of choice

She finally learned to allow her voice to be heard.

Others didn’t ignore her words; she didn’t speak up with confidence.

They didn’t see her because she hid in the back, in the dark and often from herself even.

She finally allowed herself to be visible.

All these years she thought they had the issue, but it was her.

She finally taught others how she wanted to be treated.

She was neglected and mistreated because she didn’t demand better.

It was time she put herself and her needs first. It was time she became who she knew she was—a strong, confident, talented individual. She had proven to herself what she was capable of. She had learned the hard way to be self-reliant and independent. She had finally realized she had gifts worthy of giving time to, and not feeling it was unimportant and frivolous.

This woman was now a virtuous woman of the twenty-first century. Her voice mattered. Her beliefs were solid. Her presence was valuable. Her life was significant. She could be all she was born to be. She could become all she deserved to become. She had always been blessed by God and it was time she believed it for herself. No longer would she allow others to ignore her message. If they did then she would no longer share it with them. She would never again be invisible; she had an important reason to be seen. Finally she would be respected for the person she had always been capable of proving she was—a poised and intelligent woman—loved and valued by God, directed by God, and created by God with purpose.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

has anyone seen little miss sunshine?

Has Anyone seen Little Miss Sunshine?

(new art project-square canvas with round coffee lid in the middle, 8 smaller rounded rectangles around in spokes, with a doll face in the center circle, painted white then words {below} added to segments, painted sun-like colors and wings added by doll face)

Words in segments:

1. She was there all along but the dark clouds of life obstructed her from view. It took lots of rain and rainbows but her face finally materialized from the thin gauzy gray vapors shrouding her bright eyes and wide smile. She did not think it possible to ever reappear. It took prayer and scripture and faith along with some time and patience from her family and friends. It then happened. She shone like the resplendent noonday sun.

2. Dark skies of fear, doubt and pity covers all rays of sunshine from time to time. Nothing is sadder than to be hidden from the pessimism of life. True that no one is happy all the time but Abraham Lincoln felt “a person was as happy as one chose to be.” Some days the choice is more difficult than others. The effort is worth it.

3. Maybe every cloud does have a silver linings or maybe even a golden lining. It is a fact in art that to make an area stand out with intensity it must be juxtaposed to a darker area. Life’s dark places allow the sun and stars shine brighter. If all the stars came together with the moon in the middle no one would ever fear the dark again.

4. The stars pierce the night. The sun returns brightness to dull gray days. A single match penetrates a dark cave. A small flashlight illumines a path in a shadowy forest. One light bulb qualms a child’s fear of a darkened room. I used to turn on all the lights from the den to my room at night as a child.

5. The old time chorus says “brighten the corner where you are.” Anyone can be a bit of brightness to another’s darkness. No grand gestures are needed. No large or expensive presents required. Simply make a call, visit or send a card. Offer a listening ear. Provide a shoulder or hug. You will lighten their load, enlighten their way, and brighten their spirit.

6. If there is no one there to lighten you way, turn to God. His word will illumine your world. His love will fill your heart and radiate warmth through your soul his brilliance will enter your life in ways never imagined and his peace sill emanate with a glow for others to experience. His luster will flood not only you but everyone and everything in your path.

7. God created the light. His message sheds light on a sin seek world. His luminous wisdom gladdens hearts everywhere. His peace makes dark days less so. His light is ever present in the hearts of all believers. He is the light of the world. He’s closer than the nearest light switch. His power never ceases even in the midst of storms. No batteries are required. He does not want us to hide our light nor suppress it. Maybe being a light for others will brighten our own days.

8. She must allow her sun to rise and illumine the Son of God for others to see. Some days she may need to part the clouds for herself before she can do so for another. By lightening another’s load she lightens her own. By stepping out of her own dark corners into the light she contains and allows it to spread into everyone’s dark corners. She must watch the sun rise and be part of it.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

trying to get out of my head and.....

Seek contentment only God can give.

Believe faith only God can provide.

Trust grace only God can bestow.

Lost in a fog of afterlife

Concerned over the facts of life

Confused by the lack of life

Life is a total mystery.

Why are we granted an undetermined quantity?

How do we make the good sections go slow and the bad ones go fast?

Would we live our days differently if we knew our expiration date?

Would it even matter?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

a delicate teacup can take the heat

Growth as a Christian, development as a responsible adult, and evolution of a soul is like a fragile porcelain tea cup being fired in a hot kiln (borrowed idea). The trial by fire is what makes it strong and beautiful. The difficulty is what develops courage, ability to withstand, and a progression toward faithful believer. Each day brings its own trials. Some are easier than others. Some are more difficult but if we lean on the One who gives us all things, we will stand true, faithful and be tolerant. Ask anyone who has had a hard life and maintained their faith. You will hear them declare they could not be where, who and what they have become without adversities. It may be tough to swallow. It may be troubling to understand. It may even be near impossible to accept but it is true. If we admit this and just take it bit by bit we too can excel. We too often conquer our progress before we begin by looking too far into the future and seeing the cumulative of all we must endure rather than just endure what we must at this very moment in our lives. We see people and think how did they do all they had to do. They did it task by task, breath by breath, and inch by inch. That’s all any of us must do. What is even more comforting is to know we never have to go it alone. God is with us every task, every breath, and every inch of our lives. It doesn’t get any better than that does it?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

letting go is difficult but ....

Lord, in your mercy, please get us through.

I need:

To sit in nature

A long walk

A good healthy meal

A new art obsession

A long movie

A clean house

An organized life

A streamlined schedule

So often I feel like I should be taking Dad somewhere, reminding him of pills, checking his vitals.

Actually, all I need is my family to love me, God to save me and more serenity.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Always there

I sleep. He is there.

I wake. He is there.

I eat. He is there.

I void. He is there.

I hurt. He is there.

I heal. He is there.

I break. He is there.

I mend. He is there.

At birth, He is there.

At death, he is there.

He never leaves nor forsakes me.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

A Psalm

I call, oh, Lord.

My soul weeps with fatigue and fear.

You are already with me.

Praise your holiness.

Easter has passed but we serve a risen Savior.

The dogwoods missed it but they tell of his glory still.

The long days lead to restless nights but my soul finds peace in God.

The journey of life holds much bad and good.

Even when the problems and troubles seem long and unbearable,

God never leaves our side.

When the stretches of fair weather come we often forget to stay by your side.

A girl in a movie once said, “Without suffering there can be no compassion.”

I try to be compassionate but fail repeatedly.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

My Sweet Daddy

left us peacefully on April 27, 2013 around 5 PM. I held his hand, patted his chest and assured him all was well......the picture is of his hand holding my son's, his grandson's, hand before he left the hospital for Hospice.....