Sunday, April 29, 2007

laZy DayS oF suMmer ?!?

I know it's still spring, a second spring for us in NC who had an early spring, a late winter freeze and are now in our second spring actually....pollen and all.

Watched two lame movies, wait for TV, don't rent, (Friends with Money and Trust the Man).

The saddest thing was the fact that they were ordinary people like excitement, no orgasmic revelating lives.

But I have my of the best part of my life other than my terrific family!

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Time is all we have to control even though we sometimes think we can't. My son came home for the night with two weeks of college left. He wanted to think about his job opportunities and sleep in his own bed and spend time with his Mom. Dad is out of town. We did talk to him on the phone, long distance, too long, but it was good for us all. We watched Tuesdays with Morrie and realized again, the importance of time and using it to our liking. We were reminded of the phrase that says "how many get to the end of their lives and say I'm glad I spent more time at work". No one does that. Our friends and family is what is important, sharing our lives and love with others, having long talks and laughs with those we care about, showing others we are there for them. I love art but I love my family and friends more.
The image is from one of my art journals. I cut three different models from a catalog and gave them my mom's (center) and her sisters' heads. Lightly sketched in a background. Doesn't it look like they are having fun?
Have fun with those you love today in person if you can but in an art journal if you must.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Art submissions

I submitted art to the 1000 journals book project.

I submitted art to Somerset Studios.

I submitted art to Artella.

I am fortunate to have had some published.

I hope to have more published.

I recently took one of my collages and turned it into a drawing and had it made into a rubber stamp. I really like the way it turned out and would love to have more done. I really wish I could have my own line of rubber stamps. I wonder how folks do that like Claudine Hellmuth, Lynn Perella, Michelle Ward and others? Any ideas?

I will take photos tomorrow and show you how the stamp image compares to the original collage.

For now I am posting one of my most recent image sent to Artella for the Friday Challenge. I call it She was a real baking doll.


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Artella Daily Muse

I am spotlighted in the Artella Daily Muse again today with my images for the Friday Challenge of Umbrellas. Check it out free with a two day pass at

Here is one of the images you'll find.
Palm Brella

Also, I did get one piece into the local I Am Woman show but not the one I wanted to get in.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mixed emotions

My son is in New Bern for a job interview and it's an exiciting time. I want him to be happy and fulfilled and rewarded for his hard work but I miss him and will miss him if he moves out there. It's only 5 hours but I'm a mom.

My husband is in Canada on business and I miss him but I appreciate all the hard work he does to support me, our son and my art which I am certainly able to do because of his encouragement and hard work.

My beach journal is turning out well and I am sharing images for the next few days so keep checking in. Today I'm actually sharing 2 pages, before and after, an ordinary page turned out to be quite extraordinary with images and words by me.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Art is in everything

Began working on my beach scrapbook this weekend. It's so much more than a scrap book. It's a beach art journal. I bought a blank spiral bound

book with fairly heavy paper. I've done loose watercolor paintings, washes, and stamping designs for the backgrounds as well as glued in some full page papers and images. I've combined the pix with my own original poems and writings digitally. Added stickers and shell embellishments. It's almost finished but I may glue the last 10 or so pages together and cut a center area out to make a shadowbox for sand, photo and shells. I haven't taken any photos yet but will. For now I'll share another image from my trip.


Have a WOW day!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday Solo

Well, I got Terry to the airport for hopefully his next to last trip to Canada. Even though I enjoy my time alone I also miss him terribly.

He is such a wonderful husband, friend and father. I hope he knows how important he is to me.
Here is a new canvas collage I did for the annual I Am Woman exhibit which is juried this year for the first time. Who knows if it will even get in? It is called "It was Written All over Her Face." The face of my deceased mother in law Lois. I used her actual photo enlarged on the computer. I first glazed the 16 X 20 canvas with colors she liked, stamped a design and then adhered the photo with gel medium. I covered the face and neck with newspaper torn into little pieces. Eyes, nose and mouth collaged over the appropriate areas. I then added the Christmas tree shaped playing cards for a crown. I melted wax crayons with my new little craft iron I ordered cheaply from Collectibles, Etc. for her hair and clothes. I melted white beeswax over the tinted (with acrylics) face and the playing card crown. I like the piece and think it is one of the most unusual I have done and is quite original as well. I topped it off with a handpainted butterfly shape since she was a lover of butterflies as I am.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

summer has returned

and I am having a hot flash too...that's okay...i love the sunshine...

feels more like it should for almost May and for having just got back from the beach....

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

a moment of silence for Virginia Tech

I am still in shock by the tragedy at VT. I am praying for those families and students who must be devastated beyond my imagination. Why is the world such a hurting place? Why can't people turn to God in times of pain? Why can't we heal our land? Why O' why? I must leave it with God.
I will post art later as I am taking this moment of silence for VT.
May God heal all who were touched by this tragedy.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

floating on air...........

maybe it's from the wonderfully relaxing week at Kiawah, maybe it's my new clothes dryer, maybe it's the new collage I have almost finished, maybe it's the fact that the woman journal project is almost ready to display, maybe it's all my blessings I am feeling so thankful for.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Vacation is over

until August at least.....

It was a wonderful week of

relaxation without interruption of daily chores and routines

sleep catch up

exploring new places and ideas

eating good food

sight seeing my favorite scenes of Charleston and Kiawah

collecting inspiration for art

Ready for a busy week of teaching, art making, art handling, chores, etc.

Seeking clarity of purpose and trusting it can be sought.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

What a blessing!

Kiawah Island, SC is a blessing for anyone who needs to take time to get away from the busy hectic day to day routines. Go and find out for yourself. I will be sharing my experiences and images and writings this coming week.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Kiawah bound

Kiawah bound and loving it!

Check in next weekend!

for now....consider this...we can always vacation in our minds but take a real one every chance you get!

Also, if anyone is looking for art books, I have a couple dozen I am parting with. Send an inquiry to if interested in seeing the list, purchasing or making a trade.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Free Gifts

Lisa Vollrath is graciously sharing images again this holiday season.

Visit her here and spread the good news of the season.

Christ died for you and loves you and wants you to be HIS own.

Wishing you many blessings this holiest of seasons!