Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Reverse-Day 12 of 30

6:30 AM
Good morning sky!
Shine your light into my spirit and brighten my soul.
Good morning earth!
Be my stronghold and support my weakened body.
Good morning woods!
Open a path to my Savior and direct my way.
Good morning Lord!
You are my light, my earth, my path to all healing and comfort. Preserve my people this day.
Give me strength to be for this day and
Carry me forth to tomorrow and the next day and forever.

You think you're story is special, unique, requiring more of God's attention but then you listen to another's and know you are blessed…a young mother with a tiny infant struggling to stay strong and live; someone who was raped, pregnant, miscarried and still sees it as best even though she may never conceive again; a scared woman afraid she'll lose her soul mate of over 50 years; another young person trying to survive cancer and maybe there's lost hope…the stories continue and God touches each with peace, comfort, strength, love and courage.

7 AM

A birds chorus
Wakens my spirit
Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!
Praise God. Praise God!
Fear not! Fear not! Fear not!
He is Lord! He is Lord! He is Lord!
Joy Joy Joy!

1240 PM

Two wrens give me hope
This little pair mimic Mom and Dad-
Together again.
Hope grows…

6:55 PM

Seek divine order
At first light
Quiet the mind
Carry this peace
Throughout the day

Seek divine
At close of day.
Sleep on it restfully.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Fast forward to day 30

This blog is one of those bad movies where I complain they do to much flashback and jump forwards, but I needed to share this today.

Dad may be released to skilled nursing facility next week. So in addition to another trip to Asheville, we checked out the facilities in Mom and Dad's county today.
I'm weary. I'm tired and I'm as scared as I was on Day 1. I keep telling Dad to fight but my own fight is weakening. How do people do this day after day? Month after month? Year after year?

Lord, I still pray for a miracle.

written in your soul is a faith of endurance

written in your spirit is a hope everlasting

written in your heart is a love like no other

God is in each--

your soul

your spirit

your heart

I jotted these words down the other day when reading my devotional. I pulled them out today. Who knew I'd need these words on this day?

GOD! Of course!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 10 of 28 and it's still tough!

Life is so tough!
'Discontent and disorder are signs of energy and hope, not despair.' Dame Cicily Wedgewood

Layers of thoughts
Woulda… coulda… shoulda…
When… if… someday…
What if… can I… if only…
Jumbled my mind and
Confuse my spirit.

My life is blessed but I forget to say thanks.
My mind is good but I forget to use it.
My heart is full but I forget to share it.
My spirit is joyful but I forget to show it.
My soul is saved but I forget to tell it.

I sure am enjoying bits and pieces of time to throw together these little collages in my art journal. If it weren't for God, my journaling and art, I'd surely go insane!

Day 29 and counting

A thunder storm can frighten and destroy but also comfort and remind us; God says "I'm still here and I'm in charge. Rest in me!"

The sky darkens.
The trees sway.
Life halts and
The storms pass.

The sky brightens.
The winds cease.
Life smiles as
The storms calm.

The frustrating thing about a stroke is the slowness of recovery and the way it takes a person's life, kills brain cells (and how many memories are lost?), the inconsistent progress (creeps, leaps, stops, reverses). All one can do is hope and pray and wait.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

words-mine and others

Zora Hustrom said:
"There are years that ask questions and years that answer." (I'm not sure which this is….I seem to have mostly questions every year.)

Rilke said. "Be patient toward all that is unresolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves. Do not seek answers you are not ready to understand."

All you need you have. All you want is what you need. So be content. Happy.

Daphne du Maurier said, "Happiness is a quality of thought. A state of mind."

Let go of struggle.
Release everything to God.
Trust His loving perfect path
To an enriched and peaceful life.
Be grateful.
Live simply.
Seek quiet.
Trust God.
A contented life will result.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 10 of 27 and counting

My body trembles with fatigue.
My mind aches with fear.
My soul cries for relief.
God is my only source of strength.


The heavens weep with me.
The birds rejoice with me.
The earth gives way under pressure but
It also upholds my weak body.

All the world wakens
The hawks cry
The birds sing
The crickets chirp
The human pleas
"God, let it be a good day!"

My mind and body are so tired I can't think. Words are scrambled. Hope is weak. Courage is gone but faith is growing a new understanding of what a Christian life is all about.

I am beginning to learn my own sense of strength, patience, and courage.
When another day passes without leaps of improvement I find strength in the fact that God isn't through with the situation.
When I tire of repeated questions and tasks, I know God is tired of the same from me. If He can be patient with me I can certainly be patient with the situation.
When my legs wobble, my knees buckle and my heart skips I trust God for the courage I need to stand another day.

Even though I stand on a foreign deck, tremble at unfamiliar environments and quake at the unknown, I know God is wherever I am, wherever His believers are.

Hidden in Living Color


When you think you
Can go no further,
Let God carry you.
When you feel you're
Running on empty,
Allow God to fill you up.
When you think you're
Ready to give up,
Give it to GOD!

day 9

Thursday, June 25, 2009

answers come from different places

From a tangled life
Comes a whispering voice,
"The clearing is ahead. Stay the course. Come out of the woods.
Find peace again."

I pray this is so… dreamed of Dad's smile last night. The Talmud says "A dream which is not understood is like a letter which is not opened." His smile was confident in the dream.

The overwhelming dark is illuminated by bliss and serenity of answered prayers.
Life is often difficult to swallow but its sweetness makes it palatable.

from day 8

It's truly amazing where answers come from, where peace is found and where focus is placed. Got to keep positive, stay prayed up, hold to scriptures and trust God.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

No matter what

No matter the circumstances
Trust God's leading.
No matter the realities
Follow God's love.
No matter the lack
Accept God's provision.
No matter the fears
Know God's protection.
No matter the fatigue
Feel God's strength.
No matter the absence
Expect God's presence.
No matter what comes
Let God be there.

from day 8
Life matters. Family matters. Caring for those who need help matters. Health matters. Protect yourself, your life and your family.....today could bring change.
No matter the circumstances
Trust God's leading.
No matter the realities
Follow God's love.
No matter the lack
Accept God's provision.
No matter the fears
Know God's protection.
No matter the fatigue
Feel God's strength.
No matter the absence
Expect God's presence.
No matter what comes
Let God be there.

not alone

The cool mountain air revives my fevered soul.
The rolling blue peaks give hope to a weary spirit.
With each revolution of the earth, hope continues.
Faith grows through patience tested.
Life goes on around all, even the inflicted and caregivers

but most of all
Christ reigns for all.

from day 7

Here's a pic of Dad and me on Father's day.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Quiet strength and faith....

A fearful wife and mother
A weary daughter
A fatigued husband and father
Continue the vigil
To health, peace and reunion
Days are long but
Nights are longer
The sun brings hope
But the nights return fears
The mornings give a fresh start to blessings received
The evenings bring tired bodies to question.
The wife and daughter may be worn out and lost
But the Father of all lifts them up.
The health robbed father and husband continues to rebuild a worn body
with God's quiet strength and faith.

from Day 7

Day 24 and Dad is walking assisted, eating small bites of applesauce and water from a spoon,

speech is improved though sometimes confused and disconnected.

Keep praying please. We really believe a miracle is coming!

Mom is so tired and I hate seeing their declined health.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Patience and more patience!

The path of least resistance may not allow growth.
The road with less bumps and turns may not lead to learning.
The way of ease may not teach faith.
The direction of simple comfort may show you unrealistic lessons.

Tribulation worketh patience…patience, experience…experience hope…Romans 5:3


Slow and steady
Wins the race.
Positive attitude
Gets you through.
Prayers and praise
Guides the heart.
Hope and faith
Leads the spirit.
Joy and love
Lifts the soul.

These words come from Day 4 & 5 from my journal.
Image is random recent pics of Dad before the stroke. He was always the storyteller.
Actually got him talking about cars he fixed up when he was young yesterday. That's good for him to retell things and focus on positive, pleasant times. It's good for me too.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

More patience!

All the recent posts have been about my Dad and his stroke and recovery. I have been pulling excerpts from my journaling through this experience. I numbered the journaling as Day 1, etc. plus dating and putting the time as usual. Just realized that today's words are from Day 3 (Currently I am at Day 22 since this happened). You can see I journaled quite a bit. Writing helps me absorb, sort and process experiences. I know many people prefer talking to someone but I find that harder. I seem to do better simply talking to God, listening to Him and then writing out how it all fits. Hope my struggles are helping others to realize you are never alone in any situation. God is ALWAYS there but you MUST INVITE HIM IN! Putting your experience into words can help you better understand what you are feeling and how it affects you as a person. May you be blessed and never have to see someone you love change suddenly overnight, losing a part of themselves as well as you and the stress and fear of not knowing if the entire person will be recovered. Small signs of my Dad is there but there's the fear that some of who he was may never return. I find myself having trouble enjoying things he would enjoy since he is not with me in each event. Today is Father's Day. I visited. Took presents and card. Made photos but the usual family meal was missing. The recognition of the light in his eyes of appreciation and enjoyment were not there. Here's hoping he was there in spirit and knew how much I cared he was still with me though altered. Here's hoping for more good family times together.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

God of everything!

God of hope and joy
Fill our hearts.
God of abundant peace
Fill our souls.
God of grace and glory
Fill our spirits.
God of love and mercy

Fill our lives.

Friday, June 19, 2009


"Patience learned is patience tested."

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My head swims on overload-fatigue and questions.
My body aches over lack of rest and enrichment.
My heart cries over Mom and Dad's condition.
My soul searches for answers and finds more questions.
My spirit seeks will power, hope, and encouragement from the Lord.

The skies through the tall trees give a glimpse of heaven. Is God looking down at me?
Does He approve or does He only see my faults?
Does He feel my pain?
Hope and joy trickle down and I revive for another battle.

Another glimpse into the 11 day hospital vigil after Dad's stroke. We should enjoy every day we have on this earth. We never know when things will turn on a dime and possibly never be the same again. However, I still believe in the power of prayer and the presence of angels and the possibility of miracles. Keep praying with me.

Image is of acrylic, transfer, collage, transparencies and cut text on canvas.


Hope is a basic human need.
It sustains us in the tough times.
Joy is a necessary like skill.
It gets us through the problems of living.
Peace is a life force.
We find it despite troubles.
Love is forever lifting
Our spirits in good and bad days.

Dad is slowly progressing with rehab but no word as to how much he will recover. It's only day 4 of rehab. Continue the prayers, my fine warriors.

This art journal collage is in his honor and oh so true!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


God of hope
Help me cope.
God so near
Curb my fear.
God of love
Send healing angels from above.
God of joy
We desire life to enjoy.
God of peace
Day by day we lease.
God of grace
I seek Your face.

Continually seeking God's power. Knowing He is in charge and all will be safe and protected. We must allow God to do His work. We support it through prayer, scripture study and faith in His ability. Image was created after reading Elizabeth Edwards' Resilence.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Life leads you down interesting paths.....

When I wrote the verse below, I did not know my Dad was about to change forever possibly. He is slowly recovering from a stroke and I am glad to say I believe he will receive a miracle in this recovery process. Neither he, mom nor I were completely ready for this to occur but who ever is? You know your parents are aging and you know things will change but you just can't completely be ready. So pray and be ready to lean on God and your Christian friends! Pray with me! Believe with me! Let's do this together!

Know that a life filled with love is a happy life.
Know that a year filled with blessing is a gift.
Know that a month filled with health is incredible.
Know that a day filled with family is memories made.
Know that an hour filled with laughter is healing.
Know that a minute filled with quiet is peaceful.
Know that a moment filled with hope is life.
Know that all things come full circle.

The image was done in my art journal on a sabbatical from the hospital vigil. These are pics of my dad over the years, with color and text in plain old highlighters. He is now in rehab and beginning his recovery process. I will continue to share my writing and notes from this journey as time permits.

Friday, June 12, 2009

My hero!

Sorry to have been away so long but my dad had a stroke on May 31 and is recovering but we are unsure of the how much he can recover. We are exhausted and tired. Please pray and I hopefully will be back to share more soon!