Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Life can be full of both suffering and joy but 
The human spirit survives.
Allow the joys and good to grow and spread.
Focus on the positive and
Count your blessings.
Speak to the Lord daily.
"Share all you can with as many as you can as often as you can for as long as you can." (John Wesley)
Appreciate your spirit guides.
Trust life to be everything you need and
More than you deserve.

Monday, August 30, 2010


word wisdom

always allow art*beleive beauty best*carress calm cores*dream during daytime*enjoy every element*fight for favorites*grace great glamour*hope had heart*ignore ignorant imbeciles*just jump joyously*keep kindness key*love laugh live*make merry music*never neglect nourishment*only obey omnipotence*pretend precious patience*quote quiet qualities*redeem reflect reform*sacrifice social solitude*tolerate temporary talent*understand uncertain ups&downs*verify vague values*whisper weathered words*xray xens& xenophobes*yell your yarn*zap zealous zones

I challenge you to find your own alphabetical wisdom!


There is a place of healing

in the words of God, His Holy Word.

There is a place of peace

in your prayer closet with head bowed.

There is a place of courage

in the strong belief of Who is ultimately in charge.

There is a place of grace

where sins are forgiven and forgotten and faith is grown.

There is a place of comfort

when all the other places meld as one.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

answers and changes do come

You may be noticing strange things with my blog style and art.....learning new computer settings, habits and discrepancies. Just glad to be able to finally post from it but the new and "better" changes to Windows 7? PFFT! The old way was fine! Change isn't always better. I do believe answers come though. They just aren't always the answers we want.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

by the sea dreams

looking forward to an Oct escape to Kiawah Island, SC, inspired this piece, a pop up beach house in watercolor journal page

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

self exam

what do i need to change about myself
what role does God have in my life
do i utilize my talents
am i grateful
what has had the most impact on my life
who has had the most impact on my life
what is my purpose
what do i fear
how do i conquer it
what is the most important thing in the world to me
what makes me happy
am i doing what i really want to do
what was the hardest time in my life
what was the easiest time in my life
who is the most important person in my life
am i healthy
(these are some of the questions i found while researching this piece-maybe you'd like to ask yourself some of these questions)

little by little

little by little
she trims away the clutter
in her life
bit by bit
she pieces together
her soul again
slowly she recognizes
her former spirit
if she continues
surviving life's crises
maybe, just maybe,
she will survive this life
and with enough grace
she just may make it to heaven's gates
and so she continues
to breathe


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

can it be far?

air cools
days shorten
shadows lengthen
can fall be far?

joy appears
holidays approach
love appears
can salvation be far?

hope restores
mercy grows
peace serves
can grace be far?

quiet returns
complications cease
answers abound
can sanity be far?

No Matter

No matter what

I have God.

No matter the pain

I have God.

No matter the fear

I have God.

No matter the worry

I have God.

No matter the situation

I have God.

Monday, August 23, 2010

battle stations

be a warrior of peace
fight for serenity
keep the faith, soldier of life
trust your general, God
to maintain the forces
believe in Christ, your commander
 to strengthen the troops
know the keeper of hope,
the Holy Spirit
find a fresh day and
a winning heart
to strengthen your life


Sunday, August 22, 2010

it only hurts for a minute

release the inevitable
move on to healthier days
fight to overcome trouble
allow goodness to transcend
pick up the pieces
restore the joy of living
know the possibilities
of a quiet uncomplicated existence

choice of being

givers and takers
listeners and talkers
ponder-ers and do-ers
receivers and takers
dreamers and schemers
pray-ers and whiners
choosers and accepters
writers and speakers
creators and destroyers
the list goes on.......

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lessons from the yearly word focus--R E L E A S E...

There are times in our lives we must deal with difficult issues. Not only do we need to learn about releasing our own negative thoughts and actions but we have to release that which counteracts our positive intentions and ideals. We need to often physically remove ourselves from issues, situations and even people who cause negative reactions in our lives. We have to assess that which drains us of energy, over extends us and takes up time that is needed for other life needs. Realizing our power to choose and make these changes may be difficult to accept and do anything about but it is necessary and very freeing. It is necessary to find what uplifts us, supports us, makes us better and cling to it. Anything else must be released. It is self preservation. RELEASE!

your journey is your legacy

Finding my way
As through a dense fog
I will make it.
Going the path
Even in the dark
I will not be lost.
Believing the journey
Even when I want to run
I will stay the course.

Life often answers its own questions. By living daily with God we find our own way on dark paths and by enlightened ways. We always know that in all things God's means are for the perfect ending. The goal of living is heaven, both here and hereafter. If we live a godly life we get glimpses of heaven each day and when it's all said and done we get the ultimate gift, life everlasting!

Friday, August 20, 2010


"lone blue pear"      mixed media

Virginia Woolf exclaimed that women need a room of their own. Truth is all women need space. Sadly, many do not realize this simple means of being happier and healthier. In this world today where women are tugged and pulled in all directions, their time is filled from sun up to sun down. They find precious little time for themselves. Women artists, writers and all creative types need space even more. It is never allowed them. They must take it for themselves and then protect it at ALL COSTS! No one will give it to them. Few realize this need, as basic as air, water, food, and sleep. Many will take advantage of women's nurturing sides. So take it-- for self preservation--space to think, space to create, and space to thrive. Your health and sanity will thank you for it!

God is waiting

flooded with questions
lost in the words
I find God waiting

bruised by many
abused by some
I find God waiting

buried in life
floundering in the world's crap
I find God waiting

protection dwindles
hope follows
I find God waiting

beliefs clung to
prayers begun
I find God waiting

miles to go
battles to win
I find God waiting

peace resurfaces
joy is close
I find God waiting

He was there through it all.
Time to get on with life's work.
Shelve the misfires.
God isn't going anywhere.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

self exam

past present future

Release what you must!

Life is short.

Find joys everyday.
Life is uncertain.
Be prepared for anything.
Life is a gift.
Open its blessings daily.
Life is God.
Seek out its mercies.
Life is Christ.
Live the same.
Life is spirit.
Know it within your heart.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


It's hard to say when enough is enough but when you do it is very freeing!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Life throws a curve.

Automatic pilot kicks in and faith is a premium attribute.
Trust is secondary to faith and belief is hanging by their sides.
Hope is a safety mechanism with joy and memories in support.
Prayer is an ultimate extension.

My nerves give way to my stomach, and my head and spirit. My energy is fleeting. My uncertainties are numerous. I find I am seldom what, how, where and why I need to be!
In the first book of Kings, Elijah admits he's ready to lie down and die. I too have felt this way too often (especially over the last 14 months. Without God I probably would have, but He always gives us a new "son" rise to make it through another day.

Monday, August 16, 2010

finding health and clarity

God is the healer;

The doctors are His tools.
God is the comforter;
The nurses are His hands.
God is the protector;
Hospitals are His shelter from physical storms.
God is the cure;
Medicine is His means.

Ignoring the inevitable fatigue I push on.
Forging the battle I find hope.
Conquering the fear I feel peace.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Life will always have struggles but you'll always have God too.
Days will often be unplanned journeys and take you to frightening unknown places.
God will be with your every step of the way.
Hopeless times will come but god is a God of hopefulness.
Crises will attempt to bring you down but god's love will always lift you up.
The heart of living can burn you alive but God's cooling graces will walk you past.
The unknowns will forever scare you
but all of God's promises are the know advantage.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Life cycles

There are many seasons in life.

Giving seasons
Receiving seasons

There are many mysteries in life
Unanswered whys
Unexplained blessings

There are many gifts in life
Unexpected joys
Undeserved mercies

There are many influences in life
Godly mentors
Friendly guides

Friday, August 13, 2010

Release will come!

Love Chapter paraphrased

If a storm comes and takes my home I'll survive if I have love.
If an illness takes a loved one but I have God's love, I will be okay.
If finances fail and I lose everything, but have love I will overcome.
If my mind ceases to function but I have love I will be blessed.
No matter what the trouble, pain or problem, if I have love I have it all!
Love is patient.
Love is constant.
Love is automatic.
Love is everything.
Faith, hope and love will always get me through
but the greatest of all is the love, of family, friends, and God.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

There is always a mountain to climb!

There will always be mountains 

but there will also be a path up to the summit.
Life will always throw you a curve
but you can always grab a glove.
Tides forever come and go
but I will always be awed.
Storms are a big part of life always
but rain makes the rainbow.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Looking into God's light

Settled and accepting

She looks into the sunset as if looking into God's own eyes.
She is comforted and resolute that she can fight another day.
Smiling and calm
She observes life all around her.
All are battling their own demons and those
with God by their sides seem to always win.
She chooses to reside with Him as well.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Journeys and Destinations

Tired and foggy

She wanders into her studio.

A splash of paint and a scrap of paper later she finds a bit of peace.

Alone and weary she hits the button on the CD player. The low solemn chords of the cello reach her soul and she feels life begin to mellow.

Forlorn and lost

She settles on the deck, opening her journal, she pens a few phrases and her spirit swells.

(This was written just before learning of Mom's gall bladder. The pic is of her sun room before daybreak-where I met God each morning to fuel me for the day.)

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Life is often unexpected!

There are many seasons in life...
        giving seasons
        receiving seasons
There are many mysteries in life...
        unanswered whys
        unexplained blessings
There are many gifts in life...
        unexpected joys
        undeserved mercies
There are many influences in life...
         godly mentors
         friendly guides

(Image is a new piece begun before Mom's
surgery and hospital stay-guess you can see a
pattern here with the previous art piece. There
will be more!)

She is doing great and all the prayers have gotten us through this long, exhausting week. How precious to take care of the people who took care of you for so long.

I call this piece CORE! It is the core that keeps us going and the core is pure GOD!

Noting the Absence

Sorry to have been MIA. My mom had gall bladder surgery this week! I'll post later today.
I will also be out of town a couple days this week. Please continue to visit my blog.