Thursday, September 15, 2011

Three Part Harmonies

Clouds obscrue the sun but my heart will remain in God's light. Rain is evident but my soul will not cry in darkness. Weather can't stay perfect but my spirit can seet it. Old folks know the weather is turning foul by thier aches and pains but God will allow my body to find healing and health.
Fall is approaching rapidly and I will miss my beautiful deck of flowers. the chilly air will call for a jacket to warm me on the outside but God will warm my heart. Sipping a warm beverage in cool weather is its own comfort but God comforts my every need. Seasons change. Weather changes. Hearts and minds change but a spirit devoted to God is a soul saved for heaven.

Life brings change. It's a constant. Find solace in it. Fight it and you lose every time. Go with it and you win. Resistance only makes life harder. Trusting God and living in His good and perfect will makes you a winner no matter the changes that come as surely as the weather.

In music, one wrong note can ruin a beautiful sonata. In 3-part harmony, one voice off can throw the whole piece into disharmony. One wrong chord can send a lovely melody down the drain. One lost measure can foul up the whole concerto. Don't allow one lost moment of harmony to send your entired life's symphony into a tail spin. Live life each day with its perfect harmonies and its sour notes. Just LIVE LIFE!

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