Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Christians cannot and must not remain silent any longer!

On behalf of God's family and His Holy Law (The Bible), we are becoming the minority. Why are our rights being ignored? Why is God's law being so misinterpreted to speak only of his love which is expansive but very clear in its message.

God created us each and God does not make mistakes.

Do so few people see that the more accepting we become of certain behaviors the worse our country is becoming? These problems must be dealt with according to God's plan. YES GOD IS LOVE but he also becomes angry when we fail to honor all of his plan, word, and law.

I commend our governor of NC in the fact that he is a strong Christian and we know the strong Christians have always been the martyrs.

I am proud to be a Christian.
I am proud to be American.
I am proud to be from NC.

BUT, I am not proud of what is happening to the world God created.

One last thought, did the founding Fathers not build our country based on God's law? Can we not see as soon as we began taking HIM out of everything the Country and the World began to crumble bit by bit?

I challenge anyone reading this and believing as I do please make your voice heard.

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