Thursday, September 22, 2016

life as we knew it, is slipping away

The world is in chaos and that puts my petty problems into a new perspective. My little issues are nothing in comparison! There is still an air of racial heat. People are getting shot. Police are being put on admin duty. People uninvolved are protesting, looting, and rioting. How much more can God allow? He must be sickened by his world’s creation. It is time for him to intervene. The world is slowly killing itself. It scares me. I dread what it will become for the next generation. Bad things have happened in every decade, century, and generation but with today’s issues, we are heading toward self-destruction. The world we hope for is extinct. Can there be any peace and beauty ever again? Why is this happening? When will God prevail?


Few people read the Bible, let alone, believe its truths. The Ten Commandments are forgotten. God’s laws are ignored. God created a world that was to work together for good and beauty. His world was to be protected and cared for. His laws were to keep everything in balance. His creations failed in keeping this balance or maintaining the world’s purpose.


If you are reading this I hope you will get on your knees and pray. I hope you will find your Bible and read it. I hope you will see God’s plan as divine. I hope you will see he made the variety of people for purpose. I hope you will believe his plan and protect it. I hope you will make his way the right way. I hope you will seek forgiveness and guidance to a holier life. I hope you will accept salvation and live a life worthy of God’s love.


Chris Tessnear

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