Saturday, April 22, 2017

seeking peace by debriefing



Do we ever totally debrief though? It swims in my head, sprit and heart consciously and unconsciously. It rattles in my soul till I feel like I will explode. It hangs on my flesh like dead skin. It clings to my space till I can hardly breathe. It drips from my mouth like sickness. It crushes me on all sides till I disappear.


What is “it” you ask?

The events

The words

The actions

The thoughts

The sounds

The scenes

The emotions

The challenges

The fears

The hopes

The accomplishments

The doubts

The calls

The questions

The answers

IT is all that and so much more!


Lord, in your mercy, I struggle but feel your embrace. I cringe but know your love. I gasp but breathe in your peace.  I cry and feel a release of doubt but know my faith will continue to grow and see me through to the end. I look to the sky and find the stars. I look to the earth and feel the smooth sweet grass.  I am thankful for your unfailing presence. Please never allow me to leave you. Amen.


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