Monday, June 06, 2011

a day in the life of....


The sun breaks through a hazy sky.

My heart craves its light.

The sun heats up an atmosphere of life.

My soul begs for its warmth.


The neighborhood busies itself with

Daily to dos.

My spirit busies itself with hope.

Nature awakens in song.

My mind tries to hum the tune.


The day reaches its midway of activity.

My worries mount up but

I pray without ceasing.

My own list of chores multiplies

As I check off some but

My faith remains intact.


Workers see an end in sight

To their days routine

I seek my own end to the daily toils I follow.

A world of sojourners find their own way to

Wrap a day’s job.


Rest is sought by all

A moment of peace is my goal.

Energy to restore is our need.

A calm tries to settle frazzled nerves.


Sleep is waiting

But my mind won’t quieten.

Respite is ready

But my body is tense.

Just a few hours I pray and I can live to fight another day.

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