Saturday, October 08, 2011

my Ah Ha! moment

The Lord will fight for you. You need only be still. Gen. 14:14

Attempting to add new power and shed more light on my morning devotional times. I have been going through my Bible, re-reading sections I have highlighted. The above verse leapt out at me today.

Why do I struggle when God is my general?

Why do I fret when God is my comforter?

Why do I wander in darkness when God is my light?

Why do I question when God is my answer?

Lately, I ask more questions about my faith and way of living each day but I always get the same answers: go back to square 1, go back to the beginning, go back to God.

Some conclusions are just never wrong! It’s time to really believe A2 X B2 always does equal C2,

Maybe algebra doe solve everyday problems.

Me X Me


God X God


A more godly


No one should or can do anything alone.

Maybe this is only a revelation to me but it’s a big one. Though simple and time tested. Eureka! I have found the answer we all seek. We truly can do nothing apart from God. Simple but profound. It’s what we already knew but keep forgetting to put into action.

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