Sunday, November 13, 2011

you must stop

When we calm our bodies and spirit we find rejuvenation.

When we intentionally stop in our tracks and examine our responses we find better answers.

Stop and take in nature with a walk, preferably alone so you can truly hear your inner guidance.

Spend quiet time listing your blessings and better know your life.

Silence the world and let God’s message penetrate your heart.

Find a span of time each day for practicing deliberate consciousness of truths in your daily routine.

Observe the positives; eliminate the negatives and deal with what is necessary.

Let go of “stuff” that has no coincidence in living a good life.

Permit only good things to occupy your thoughts and energy.

When you do have gad times and we ALL do, deal efficiently and release them.

By truly focusing on the good you will actually notice less bad and more good.

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