Tuesday, December 22, 2015

evaluating the year's focus word - clarity

Trying to evaluate what this year’s word taught me.
What does it sound like?
Laughter. Silent gratitude. Happy rejoicing.  Contented sighs.
Children getting new toys, parents of a new baby thought impossible, and newlyweds.
What does it look like?
Smiles. Hugs. Peaceful gazes.
Happy children, visiting loved ones, tired parents.
What does it taste like?
Mom’s biscuits. Grandma’s Koolaid cupcakes. Loving kisses.
Only she could make, taken to school to share, new and old couples
What does it smell like?
A clean house. Hot coffee.  Baby powder.
Even if for only one hour, shared with friends and family, a new baby
What does it feel like?
The first day of vacation. The last day of school. The middle of a holiday.
Kiawah of course, no more lesson plans, and time left to sleep in or stay up and watch that favorite movie
I learned that clarity takes focus. Clarity takes effort. It’s always there but we have to look for it, recognize it, embrace it and accept it. Clarity may not point to what we want but it always points to what really is. Clarity finds truth and fact.
Clarity is genuine. Clarity is a happier way to be. We often try to live a fantasy but that’s not good. Life is about being truly authentic and genuinely honest.
Clarity begins with me. I have to want it and accept the lessons it teaches. Limitations exist but I can choose to be clear in my dreams and goals. Clarity is not totally bound by your age, race, sex, or anything else really. I recently had this “clarity” ah ha moment. Hilary Clinton is 70 and going to run for president of the US. She could be 78 when she finishes two terms. If she can do that why can’t I have the dreams and desires of my heart?
SO keep making goals, lists, and dreams and fighting for them.
clarity of heart
brings complete trust
clarity of mind
brings total peace
clarity of soul
brings full grace
clarity of spirit
brings entire joy
Clarity must involve God. Clarity must live in the spirit realm of living. Clarity is a choice to believe in what is true, real, good, and God’s will. Clarity is a way to live every day. Clarity is a gift from God. Clarity is part skill and part effort. It is part ability and part work. It is part of every breath.

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