Saturday, December 26, 2015

new idea-sharing my short stories as well as reflection pieces

Short story 88
a  prayerful life of creative inspiration

Margo rounded the corner of her ordinary life filled with ups and downs and she saw the cross high on the steeple of her church. Hope surrounded that cross. Love emanated from that cross. Peace filled her heart. Her ordinary life was not ordinary but extraordinary.  From this day forward she would let Christ fill her days, the Holy Spirit fill her spirit, and God the Father fill her soul. She would understand the need for God in every breath. She would seek the Spirit’s guidance. She would allow Christ to be her voice.


Response to life’s problems would be through prayer. Margo would not let Satan’s ills pull her away from her faith. She would not let the world dampen her spirit. She would not let grace escape her soul. Her beliefs would keep her strong and resilient.


When a believer puts their entire world in the hands of her God, she should expect to be tested, often immediately. That is what happened to Margo. Just as she was moving into her final phase of life lived happily with her renewed convictions, Illness troubled her. She had fought the fear of illness her entire life, for herself and loved ones. Her father had died after a struggle of a few years. Her mother succumbed to her dementia and died not even recognizing her one and only daughter.


With age came the fear of losing other family, her husband most of all. Margo found her strength in him as well as her Lord. The two of them had pulled and pushed her forward this last decade. When she had wanted to stay in bed with the covers over her head, they encouraged her to get up and face the day. When she had wanted to give up and die, they committed to staying with her no matter what. When she failed at life or fell off her dreams, they tugged her back on track.


Now in this last act of her play in life, Margo knew she must trust God more than she ever had even thought possible. She knew that her husband needed her as much as she needed him and despite their son’s new life married and making a home, he still needed her too; as well as her lovely daughter-in-law.


With each passing day, in crisis or bliss, Margo prayer to her God, “Father in heaven, never leave me and I will never leave you. You are a heavenly sovereign of glorious peace. Be with everyone I love. Protect them. Allow me to share my blessings with as many as possible. Use my talents for your purposes not my own. Forgive my forgetfulness. Forgive my idleness. In your sweet son’s name, Christ, Amen.”


Margo lived out her days with this prayer. She continued to care for her family. She created art and shared it freely giving message and joy to any and all who would accept it. She taught her world to see God as head of their hearts.


Long after Margo was no longer in this world, her legacy of god-fearing, creative inspiration lived on. Her grandchildren and great-grandchildren walked her roads of faith even when Satan’s ills tested them. They grew into creative lives of their own, sharing their talents and blessings with everyone they met.

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