Monday, January 19, 2015

a new series of recycled art journal pages and a discovery

Cleaning out Mom's house to sell, now that she is in care for Alzheimer and unable to make payments, I discovered so much. I knew she had written a poem about her mom when she died and had it published as a song. (Actually she had to pay to do it but she was happy with it.) she wrote others too. She really dreamed of becoming a Nashville songwriter. Her dreams, like many of mine, took a back seat to real life. Responsibilities, health issues, and demons took over. Some of her demons that chased her are the same ones that chase me; the ones that make you doubt yourself, make you worry and afraid of life, and the ones that only want failure and unhappiness for you.

I decided to take some of the notes, cards, and other miscellany and turn them into art journal pages.  This is the first one and I call it Daddy's girl, because of the transparency from a Father's Day card to my dad, the line from a song (He's Got the Whole World in His Hands) refers to our Heavenly Father. the page began as hot pink with some various notes of words, numbers and address glued on, then a layer of paint was put down. then the items from cards and a cutout figure finished it.

Life is recycled just like materials.

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