Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Focus Word for 2015 - you can still pick your own

Every year for over a decade I have not made resolutions but instead chosen a focus word for the whole year. I explore it; look for ways to utilize it in my life and learn from it. I have had much success with this method and I always grow in ways that resolutions never permit. This year I chose the word “clarity”. I want to basically see and understand life more clearly for the sake of my mind, body and soul. This kind of learning happens in various ways. I observe. I contemplate. I pay attention how the word manifests itself just for me. The focus word often teaches me lessons other than around the actual meaning of the word. For instance, as I was getting ready for my day, I had a rare morning with no one but me in the house. I purposely chose to turn on nothing electronic that made sound. No radio. No TV. I always enjoy devotions in silence but it was especially nice to be in total silence, only the thoughts in my head to listen to. I realized that the silence was giving me clarity to a need, quiet space in my day. How often is it we realize such a simple lesson through a resolution?

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